Now & Then


I was celebrating two graduations last weekend back at my hometown. Now that many of my friends are close to graduating or have just graduated (like me, master since Monday, wohoo!) what’s next is a popular topic in conversations. If only I knew the answer!

My friends kept asking me, if I have considered coming back to Turku, now that school is done. I really haven’t much, even though when I first left Turku, I always swore I’d move back. But as one friend reminded me, the amount of open jobs on my field in my hometown (or close to it), is z-e-r-o at the moment. And I think my life has already started to strike root elsewhere, but you never know…

The questions got me thinking how much I miss Turku, my family and all my friends there though. And how much I’m missing out when I’m not there. But I guess I just have to accept the fact, and remember that for all of those times lost maybe I’ve gotten something else instead? Six years living in Tampere has left its marks too.

The truth just is, when you once leave, there’s no turning back. I’ve known it since I was sixteen and left for an exchange semester in the USA. I’ve never been whole again. Where ever I choose to or end up living, I’m sure I’ll always miss something. But that’s life. And it doesn’t mean one couldn’t be happy, because there’s always the bright side in everything, right?

At the moment life in Tampere is treating good, but on Sunday it’s time to head to Helsinki again for the summer. Somehow leaving feels more exciting now that I’ve graduated. Maybe nothing special happens, but if opportunities show up, what better time to grab them! University won’t be slowing me down anymore. 😉

These pictures are from one afternoon last week, trying to make the most of the last Tampere-days for now.

IMG_6764 IMG_6793 IMG_6803 IMG_6775 IMG_6781

For some people I might post too much of dog-pictures in here, but U is just too cute! And I think he always has the best way to express moods and feelings. Sometimes it’s just better not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy summer. 🙂

IMG_6800 IMG_6827-horz


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