End of Silence

The blog has been silent because I have been simply busy. Busy enjoying the grandeur of weather, pleasing job, love, life in general and so on. Oh, and busy buying my first car! But more about that in a different post perhaps. 😉

Besides my day-job I did one wedding gig, so in addition to the things mentioned above, editing photos has also taken a great share of my time… But shooting the wedding reminded me how great (and also partly how unbearable and hard :D) photographing and camera as an instrument can be. Someone asked me after I graduated if I regret what I studied. I wasn’t sure. But now I know I don’t, I rather do something I like love, something like photographing… Even if it means that I have to fight a bit (or a lot) harder and a bit longer to find jobs.

I hope I get to do a lot more of these in the future: capture cute couples on one of their most important days.

_MG_1455 _MG_1490_mv IMG_8121 _MG_1471 _MG_1428_MG_1397



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