All By Myself

IMG_8520It’s annoying when you have a clear image in your head about how you want your photos to turn out but they don’t. It’s also annoying, when you want a picture of yourself, but it doesn’t matter if you choose the camera settings, the angle, the perfect spot and the light. Still the person taking the picture for you can’t nail it — the way you would want to. Why is it so hard sometimes to get that perfect shot?

It isn’t any easier to take that picture all by yourself. Believe me, I’ve tried. My friend from Austria asked me for help for her school project. Their idea was to write this blog for an online-store selling baking-mixtures etc. And they wanted to send the mixture to 10 different countries and have a photo of that cookie-mixture-bottle with someone in that country, on a spot that somehow represents that specific country. And then, blog about that country. So of course I was up to help. I tried to come up with a famous Finnish spot where I could take the picture, but soon figured that nobody recognizes Finland anyway. So I thought it was best to just take it in a Finnish view, by the water surrounded by Finnish nature.

I found the spot on my last week in Helsinki this August, but I was alone, so I practiced taking pictures of me by myself using a remote control. It was so hard, I always managed to crop my head (or something else equally important) out of the picture. It was interesting and educational.

These are the shots that were the least unsuccessful:

IMG_8406 IMG_8409 IMG_8449 IMG_8466 IMG_8560IMG_8513 IMG_8547 IMG_8552


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