Ready to Go

The day we have been waiting for with my mom for close to 6 months is almost here. On Wednesday we fly off to Reykjavik, and continue from there on Sunday to New York! I’m so excited. I don’t even know if I’m more excited about the geysers and (possibly) horseback riding in Iceland, or Broadway shows, shopping, eating and sightseeing in New York.

I’ll be packing my new cell phone along for the ride. My old nokia was good while it lasted, but it started to monkey around a bit too often. Well, I guess almost three years is already a proper age for a smartphone? With the new phone I got some new apps too, since my old N9 wasn’t the most co-operative kind… I joined Instagram, and added it to the sidebar of the main page of my blog too. So once I get the hang of it, I’ll probably update more incidents from the trip there, than I have time to post on the blog.IMG_8837

Before the trip there’s still a few things to take care of too, though. Thankfully I’m already on vacation from work, so I will have time to check things out from the to-do-list. On Monday, we drive to Helsinki with J to sign the papers on our very first house of our own! So from Monday on, we will be homeowners and mortgage holders. And moving away from Tampere starts to feel more and more real every minute… Scary, wonderful and thrilling at the same time. I think it’s a good thing to get a vacation to digest all of this.IMG_8836 IMG_8834


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