Photographer’s Daydream

IMG_9336Flying towards Keflavik, I read from the in-flight magazine that Iceland is a photographers paradise. My image about the country was rugged, wild and deserted, so I wasn’t convinced. After spending four days there I was — with one exception: the weather is not part of that paradise.

I usually try to travel light and therefore take only one camera battery with me. It’s enough for just leisure traveling, the battery lasts a day or two and I can charge it at night in the hotel. But in Iceland the cold and windy weather ate my battery up so quickly, extra pair would have been more than appreciated. Running out of power is even a bigger problem when there’s so many amazing things you want to photograph!

We took a day trip to the Geysir, Pingvellir national park and the Gullfoss waterfall (also know as the Golden Circle). We also included an Icelandic greenhouse to the tour, because my mom was interested on how the geothermal heating in them works. We headed to the greenhouse first and then to the Geysir. Already there my battery got down to one bar, but I used my camera judiciously so that I got pictures from all the places in the end.

So here’s some shots from…

The greenhouse:


IMG_9104 IMG_9089 IMG_9085 IMG_9059 IMG_9042 IMG_9125 IMG_9105


IMG_9191 IMG_9206 IMG_9201 IMG_9199 IMG_9174 IMG_9171 IMG_9154

You won't believe how windy and freezing it was!!!

You won’t believe how windy and freezing it was!!! And I’m Finnish!


And Pingvellir (that’s geologically on the border of Europe and America).

IMG_9348 IMG_9341 IMG_9322 IMG_9317 IMG_9296 IMG_9295

I’ve edited these pictures only by adding a little bit of contrast, so I hope you get why I was convinced — Iceland is a dream at least for a nature photographer, if not a paradise. 😉

Iceland really was breathtaking, even we missed the northern lights (well, we got those in Finland too anyway…). But  as a compensation, on our way back we saw the erupting Bárðarbunga-volcano from the plane, a sight I won’t easily forget. Imagine crater full of glowing lava and a smoke cloud coming out of it in the break of dawn… Too bad my camera was packed away, so it’s only a beautiful memory in my mind.


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