Snow & Traditions

IMG_1463I’m back at Tampere, right on schedule in getting a panic attack for being too stressed out about moving. 😀 Well, still three whole days to get everything into boxes and make the apartment shining and clean! It’s enough, right? I mean, a two-room apartment can only have certain amount of stuff…

But first, as I like to avoid packing obligations, let’s devote a minute (and a few pictures) at looking back how relaxing Christmas was… Yes, all the chocolate, Christmas sauna, food and sleeping should be enough for me to make it through moving and all the way to next year.

We had a white Christmas after all! ❤IMG_1633 IMG_1568

IMG_1443 IMG_1462 IMG_1620IMG_1468 IMG_1471 IMG_1493 IMG_1623IMG_1500 IMG_1598IMG_1525 IMG_1529 IMG_1546 IMG_1594 IMG_1636 IMG_1656IMG_1432


This is Christmas…

IMG_1373I’ve already fled the packing and moving chaos at J’s and mine flat (who’s idea is it to move on New Year’s eve?) to spend some more peaceful days and Christmas at my parents house in Turku.

How great are the holidays? Just resting, baking and cooking treats, eating well and doing what ever feels nice. And what’s best, I can’t do anything moving-related, the mountain of boxes will kindly wait at Tampere. 😛

I got into Christmas-mood by looking over some photos from New York and Berlin from all the Christmas-decorations. That’s one reason I wanted to go to New York at late fall, to see the city with all the lights and decorations. Wreaths and trees popped up all the time around the city when we where there in the middle of November so I guess a little later visit would be good if you want to see the entire splendor. In Berlin all the lovely Christmas markets where a great bonus, I didn’t expect to see so many of them!

IMG_0957 IMG_0962 IMG_1014 IMG_1169 IMG_1198 IMG_0622 IMG_0630 IMG_0762 IMG_0766 IMG_0795 IMG_0800 IMG_0821 IMG_0831Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Long Weekend in Berlin

IMG_1125To celebrate finishing last week of work at Tampere and to see my dear friend K, I spent a long weekend in Berlin.

I guess I had already covered the most important places in Berlin when I first visited the city six years ago, so I focused on spending time with K, shopping and enjoying the Christmas-mood. But while K had to work on Monday and Tuesday, I also did some sightseeing by myself…

To tell you the truth, after my first visit to Berlin I really didn’t get what all the fuzz is about. I thought the city was ugly, kind of boring and hard to get a hang of. Now I saw a much better side of it. But I still think it’s not the easiest destination for a city-vacation, because there are some amazing places but there are also some dull places, and you have to know where to go. I mean, Berlin doesn’t have a clear center where everything happens. There are many different spots for different stuff. And it’s not like Paris or New York, where you see something lovely and interesting anywhere you look. Well, it’s just Berlin. 🙂

I only had my 50 mm -lens with me, so it limited taking pictures a little bit. But oh, how light it is to carry compared to the 24-105 mm. My back really praises me for this decision. 😉

IMG_1241 IMG_1267 IMG_1297 IMG_1338 IMG_1352 IMG_1043IMG_1404 IMG_1409 IMG_1000 IMG_1029 IMG_1068 IMG_1089 IMG_1092 IMG_1106 IMG_1166 IMG_1203


IMG_9540Sometimes it feels like there is a bit too much stuff to handle. You know that feeling? There’s so much to do it’s impossible to get anything done.

There’s the stuff that comes with quitting your job and stuff that comes with starting a new one. There’s stuff that comes with moving out from your apartment and moving in to a new one. There’s also things to do when you move to a totally different city. And then there’s the stuff that comes with Christmas: for example sending cards and getting presents. And there’s also the stuff that comes with traveling. When you realize on Thursday you should be all packed for Berlin on Saturday, and that there’s still things to be taken care of concerning all of that other stuff too… Did I use the word stuff enough to get my point through? Right now, there’s just a lot of stuff to take care of. 😀

My to do -list feels kinda like New York, it’s big and overwhelming and there is so much to see and to do, that you don’t know what to do first. Or can’t decide what to miss if you just can’t do everything. I’ve had that problem with posting about NYC too, I’ve got so many pictures and so many things to show and to say, that I just don’t know what to post on the blog anymore. So with this awkward transition, some random pictures of New York.

(The motorcyclists are from the Veterans Day Parade, if you’re wondering…)

IMG_9792 IMG_0716IMG_9740IMG_9731

IMG_9862 IMG_0334 IMG_0393 IMG_0473 IMG_0490 IMG_0610 IMG_0643 IMG_0759 IMG_0834 IMG_9520 IMG_9554 IMG_9566 IMG_9629 IMG_9643

9/11 Memorial

IMG_9478I’m not sure if I like the idea how a huge terrorist attack site and a place where thousands of people lost their lives, has become a tourist attraction. Still, on the very first day in New York, me and mom decided to see how the place looks like now. We had to see it, a place where the tragedy happened in 2001. Something that shook the western world so that even I — then a pre-teenager in middle school – realized something serious and big had happened.

The 9/11 Memorial is serene and impressive at the same time with the new modern WTC right next to it. And I’m sure it’s important for all the people that lost someone.

Now the Memorial site is completely different from the construction site I saw seven years ago when I visited New York for the first time. So I guess it’s also a good reminder on how life goes on — and how it can end in a second… That’s maybe something we all should remind ourselves of once in a while.IMG_9477IMG_9475 IMG_9474 IMG_9448 IMG_9445 IMG_9438 IMG_9489 IMG_9487