9/11 Memorial

IMG_9478I’m not sure if I like the idea how a huge terrorist attack site and a place where thousands of people lost their lives, has become a tourist attraction. Still, on the very first day in New York, me and mom decided to see how the place looks like now. We had to see it, a place where the tragedy happened in 2001. Something that shook the western world so that even I — then a pre-teenager in middle school – realized something serious and big had happened.

The 9/11 Memorial is serene and impressive at the same time with the new modern WTC right next to it. And I’m sure it’s important for all the people that lost someone.

Now the Memorial site is completely different from the construction site I saw seven years ago when I visited New York for the first time. So I guess it’s also a good reminder on how life goes on — and how it can end in a second… That’s maybe something we all should remind ourselves of once in a while.IMG_9477IMG_9475 IMG_9474 IMG_9448 IMG_9445 IMG_9438 IMG_9489 IMG_9487


2 thoughts on “9/11 Memorial

    • Thanks! And you’re right about the hope it represents. Still, somehow the site felt a bit commercial with all the tourist services they offer, so I just wonder, if all the people still realize and remember, what the memorial is really for.

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