IMG_9540Sometimes it feels like there is a bit too much stuff to handle. You know that feeling? There’s so much to do it’s impossible to get anything done.

There’s the stuff that comes with quitting your job and stuff that comes with starting a new one. There’s stuff that comes with moving out from your apartment and moving in to a new one. There’s also things to do when you move to a totally different city. And then there’s the stuff that comes with Christmas: for example sending cards and getting presents. And there’s also the stuff that comes with traveling. When you realize on Thursday you should be all packed for Berlin on Saturday, and that there’s still things to be taken care of concerning all of that other stuff too… Did I use the word stuff enough to get my point through? Right now, there’s just a lot of stuff to take care of. 😀

My to do -list feels kinda like New York, it’s big and overwhelming and there is so much to see and to do, that you don’t know what to do first. Or can’t decide what to miss if you just can’t do everything. I’ve had that problem with posting about NYC too, I’ve got so many pictures and so many things to show and to say, that I just don’t know what to post on the blog anymore. So with this awkward transition, some random pictures of New York.

(The motorcyclists are from the Veterans Day Parade, if you’re wondering…)

IMG_9792 IMG_0716IMG_9740IMG_9731

IMG_9862 IMG_0334 IMG_0393 IMG_0473 IMG_0490 IMG_0610 IMG_0643 IMG_0759 IMG_0834 IMG_9520 IMG_9554 IMG_9566 IMG_9629 IMG_9643


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