In The House

IMG_1677I still have a lot of unfinished business with decorating the house, like getting the new dining table build (parts arrived yesterday) and buying some other missing items like curtains etc. (Payday can’t come soon enough!)

But now at least most of the boxes have been unpacked (or taken into the storage out of sight), and a big part of our things have found their places… In other words, it’s starting to be possible to distinguish the house from all the unorganized stuff, so I can finally give a sneak peek to our new home and unveil a little bit what it’s like. 😉 There’s lot of things from our old home, but in new surroundings…

IMG_1682 IMG_1685 IMG_1706 IMG_1710 IMG_1714 IMG_1666


Sun, please!

IMG_8234The last couple of weeks have gone by dealing with changes and adjusting in the new area and life. Now that everything starts to slowly settle and I’m not running around all the time trying to make the new home “home”, I notice that the weariness starts to show… As well as the outcome of long, dark nights or days when you hardly see daylight. I feel like winter has eaten up my energy, not to mention how freezing at the bus stop in the mornings starts to be boring too… I could use some warmth and sunshine!

While cleaning up because of moving, I went through some memory cards and found pictures from last summer when we visited Naantali with my friend M. That day was so hot and lovely. And Naantali was beautiful. That feeling of a burning sun came back to me, when I was browsing through the pictures. There’s no escape to south in sight, so I guess these kind of pictures will have to do. Fortunately we are already on the better side of the polar night…

IMG_8273 IMG_8287 IMG_8296 IMG_8303 IMG_8312 IMG_8217 IMG_8226 IMG_8252

Out With The Old, In With The New

I would have so much to write about; to sum the past year (you know graduating, buying a car and a house, getting engaged, that small stuff), to tell about moving and the new house, life in Espoo and so on. But it’s kinda hard, since we don’t have an internet connection at home yet. Hopefully soon. Now I’m writing with my cell phones connection, which isn’t too fast around here either…

Funny, besides the missing internet, also the new environment makes me feel like I’m abroad all the time. I need a navigator to find places, I’m scared of how I know to get off of a bus on the right stop, and I get stuck in the grocery store just looking for the right products and figuring out the new products compared to stores in Tampere. And it’s weird because I’ve lived in Helsinki for three summers already, but maybe it’s different now because it’s for an undefined time, might even be for my “forever”.

Well, let’s hope the internet cable gets connected to this brand new house next week… Maybe then I could even have some pictures to show. 🙂