Out With The Old, In With The New

I would have so much to write about; to sum the past year (you know graduating, buying a car and a house, getting engaged, that small stuff), to tell about moving and the new house, life in Espoo and so on. But it’s kinda hard, since we don’t have an internet connection at home yet. Hopefully soon. Now I’m writing with my cell phones connection, which isn’t too fast around here either…

Funny, besides the missing internet, also the new environment makes me feel like I’m abroad all the time. I need a navigator to find places, I’m scared of how I know to get off of a bus on the right stop, and I get stuck in the grocery store just looking for the right products and figuring out the new products compared to stores in Tampere. And it’s weird because I’ve lived in Helsinki for three summers already, but maybe it’s different now because it’s for an undefined time, might even be for my “forever”.

Well, let’s hope the internet cable gets connected to this brand new house next week… Maybe then I could even have some pictures to show. 🙂


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