IMG_1788Ah, is there anything better than late and slow mornings? I love it when I can crawl out of bed in slow motion whenever I feel zippy enough and read the newspaper with a cup of coffee as long as I want.

Last night was short because of daylight saving, but who cares as long as the morning is great and tranquil?

And now,it’s sort of officially summer time (even it doesn’t seem like it yet if you judge by the weather…). Yay!

IMG_1795 IMG_1787


Flower Talk

IMG_1924Now that we have a yard of our own (very very small, but still a yard) I’ve noticed a whole new enthusiasm in me towards plants and flowers.

My mom usually spends the entire summertime outside in her garden, and when she isn’t there, she is most likely reading one of her gardening books. I’ve always wondered what’s the catch?

But now that the snow has almost melted, small green signs of spring appear here and there, and the sun rays start to be warm, I catch myself thinking about flowers, plants and gardening… What’s happening in here? 😀

More and more often, I find myself at the gardening section at stores, looking at flowerpots and seeds. I google for advice on internet about how to keep my plants alive. I’ve even thought about getting a small flower table inside, so I could have more flowers here (because I have now idea when the constructor will finnish our backyard, so I could actually start doing something gardening-related outside…).

The funniest part is, this all could be such a huge waste of time and money because I seriously don’t have a clue, am I able to keep any plant alive for long. When I was studying, life was so irregular, that it was best to go with plastic or cut flowers. Well, I had one orchid experiment, but that didn’t exactly encourage me in these gardening and growing plants -endeavors…  (Btw, despite everything that orchid is still alive and well and often blooming, because it has been in my mom‘s care for years already).

We’ll see if this craze settles down, when the reality kicks in.

IMG_1932 IMG_1879 IMG_1887 IMG_1889 IMG_1898 IMG_1904 IMG_1908 IMG_1864IMG_1930

P.S. I’ve managed to keep those white saint paulias in the pictures alive for over two months already. That has got to be a good sign, right?

Let’s Stay Home

IMG_1856Travel fever starts to burn again in the back of my head. It’s been almost three months from Berlin, and I still got no idea where I would go next and when. I mean it’s weird that I don’t even have a clear idea about where I would want to go next… This year I’m mostly stuck at work anyways, so short holidays limit get-aways a lot too. And lately my travel budget has been splurged on moving and decorating the new house…

I don’t know if it has something to do with having no travel plans, but I also woke up to the fact that for the first time when I’m living “on my own” (away from my parents house), I have a home where nothing annoys me.

I’ve had nice apartments, but the first one had way too small bathroom, I could hardly sit on the toilet seat without my knees touching the wall opposite to it. The next one had big toilet, but dust kept building up in piles everywhere at megalomaniac speed. And that student apartment had too sensitive fire alarm system  too. (Waking up to an alarm sound sometimes twice a week get’s old after a while…). Then the last apartment at Tampere was nice too, but some little things were broken here and there, and we didn’t have quite enough room for all my clothes the stuff. And I don’t even wanna start with all the summer apartments I’ve had. Living in the middle of strange peoples stuff or without no furniture at all isn’t too cozy.

With the new place, I can’t come up with any big reasons to complain about. Everything works fine and  the floor-plan is good. Well, location could always be closer to downtown Helsinki, but it isn’t the apartments fault is it? 🙂 IMG_1851 IMG_1827 IMG_1823-horz IMG_1821