Midsummer’s Bonfire

IMG_2928The weather has been so cold all spring long, I couldn’t believe it was already time to celebrate midsummer! Even though the real “heat waves” always come after that, but I still think the weather should have been more summer-like by now.

We didn’t let the cold bother us though, and went to see the traditional bonfire and midnight sun in Naantali. We used to spent lot of midsummer evenings there when I was a kid, watching that same bonfire burning in front of president’s summer house every year. If you are in Turku or anywhere near Naantali during midsummer, that’s clearly the place to be. It was crowded, but there’s room for everyone by the rocks facing the fire and the sea.

In southern Finland the midnight sun doesn’t really “shine”, but it’s never the less light the whole night. After ten in the evening I could still see the sun peak, and I first woke up at six the next morning because the sun was shining so bright! These pictures were taken between 11 PM and midnight.

IMG_2979 IMG_2945 IMG_2923 IMG_2917 IMG_2913 IMG_2983IMG_2912 IMG_2906 IMG_2901 IMG_3021 IMG_3001


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