Summer Destination

P1000345Can you guess from the picture above where I’m headed on my vacation in August?

Well, I got to admit, this is a bit surprising choice for me, since I haven’t been on a package holiday or on a proper beach vacation in a long time! But going through different travel options my eyes caught such a cheap great package deal for flights + hotel, we decided to switch touring Croatia and Montenegro to Greece. And more specifically to the island of Kos.

I’ve read a lot of good (and also some bad) about that place, but it sounds pretty perfect right now. I checked that there should be enough to do, but not too much so that I can concentrate on loading my batteries. 😉 Because my summer holiday is so short (basically all I have is the time I’m traveling), I mostly want to just be and relax. My mom knows how I can easily get when I’m traveling. For example in New York I sometimes had a tight minute schedule for us, so that we would have time for everything. Now I want laying on the beach, reading a good book and enjoying slow dinners more, than that sightseeing-schedule (which is good in some situations though, don’t get me wrong!). But right now, I’m saving the cravings I have for sights in Croatia for when I have more time (and well, money…).

I’m prepared for the fact that Kos might be a horrible tourist trap and that the euro-crisis could also get worse and spoil the whole thing! But the sun should be shining, there are beaches all over, Kos should be a paradise for riding a bike (I’ve gotten really into biking lately), and not to mention Greek food and history… So I’m sure I’ll handle a week there. 😉 And I checked it’s also easy to make a daytrip to Turkey from there.

I have been to Greece once with my parents, right after high school. The pictures are from that trip to Corfu (I had just gotten my first digital camera, a little pocket-size one, that I took the pictures with). I have only good memories (though it was a bit too hot sometimes, about 40 celcius degrees), and I’m hoping Kos won’t let me down either.

P1000180(1) P1000322 P1000346


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