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IMG_3802Nature photographer N is on fire again, haha! 😀 Our neighborhood has a lot of snakes, and I’ve seen a few this summer. Usually I’ve seen them on a walk in the forest and wished I had a camera with me (or they have been too fast for the camera in my cell…). So I got “lucky” last Saturday, when a viper was sunbathing in my parent’s garden and my camera happened to be close enough.

I really don’t like snakes, though. I’m kind of (beyond measure) scared of them, or more of the fact that they could be quite dangerous to my chihuahua! But they got something spectacular to them nevertheless. Or what do you think?

IMG_3796 IMG_3798 IMG_3799

I’m glad I got the picture I’ve been wanting to catch, but I still wish I’ve had a longer lens, so they could have turned out better… I didn’t wanna risk being on the biting-range. 😉

Material Crush

IMG_3773During the summer time (even the summer hasn’t really felt like summer this time, since it’s been so c-o-l-d) I feel like I’m spending a lot less time at home compared to winter. Maybe there’s just still a lot more going on during the summer. But now, that the fall is getting closer, it’s time to focus on the house again, so that I have a nice little base where I can hide from the frost in winter… 😉

After we moved to Espoo (a little over half year ago!), we had to get a lot of necessary furniture, like dining table and a couch. And we purchased a lot of those as new, since someone else was always faster than me, when I was after nice recycled ones. After we got all we needed, furnishing the house has been on a break. I guess I needed to breathe a little between running from store store looking for everything… But now I’m starting to feel like I would have the energy again to start finding what we want on top of those necessities we’ve already got.

I love the fact that our house is new, clean and feeling spacious, but still I wouldn’t mind adding some “old” to it. I mean, if a house is too clinical, it just doesn’t feel like a real home. And I found the perfect item to start my new decoration plans with, to bring in the good vibes: beautiful wooden chest! Just what I’ve been searching for.

I discovered it from a market place in the internet, and the seller said they had found it from her grandmother’s house. So it might actually be as old as it says in the front: from 1858. Now I just have to find something else in that blue-color, that the chest will match the rest of our apartment… 😉

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