IMG_4097During our vacation in Kos, we stayed pretty much around the Kos Town area besides a day trip to Turkey and visit to Therma Beach, that has a natural hot spring. Hot spring is something I didn’t expect to find in Greece, so of course I had to check it out.

The distance from Kos Town to Therma was about 10 kilometres, so we rented bikes for the trip. In the end of the trip we faced a tough combination of a loooong upward slope and blazing hot weather, but otherwise getting there was pretty easy. At Therma you still have to climb down a small sandy road to get to the beach though, but it didn’t feel bad at all after the struggles with cycling… And if you’re feeling lazy, you can also pay for a donkey ride up and down the hill. Some visitors even drove the road down with a car.

The small spring full of hot bubbly water was definitely worth the visit! (Even though it was really crowded…) When we arrived I was sweating from the hot air and fierce sunshine, but after a while in the water the plus 30 degrees celcius air started to feel cold! What a weird feeling. That and the natural setting of the spring made the experience pretty different from example my hot spring visit in Iceland…

I could also recommend visiting the spring just for the great views on the way there (and if you like goats, because there were lots of them on the hills ;))!

IMG_4093 IMG_4110 IMG_4090IMG_4130 IMG_4133 IMG_4140 IMG_4145 IMG_4159 IMG_4190 IMG_4195 IMG_4207 IMG_4211 IMG_4221 IMG_4233


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