Warm Memories

IMG_4833I’ll go back to the trip to Greece in August one more time. Now that it has gotten fairly cold in Finland already, it’s strange to remember how warm it was there. How the sun would shine from a bright sky, how the sand burned beneath the feet on the beach, how the cooling wind would feel like the most perfect thing on earth, how relaxed I felt and not to mention how delicious the Greek food tasted…

The autumn in Finland has it’s own charm too, but still it’s sometimes fun to think back those moments. Fortunately, I’ll get some new memories to think about soon, as I’ll get to travel away for an extended weekend next month! This time the destination will be far from warm though (at least this time of the year)… Prague awaits!

IMG_4826 IMG_4896 IMG_5016 IMG_4991IMG_5094 IMG_3892 IMG_4542IMG_3952 IMG_4011 IMG_4397


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