All About the Details

RU6A0489It’s too bad I’ve been busy at work and with other stuff, when all I’ve really wanted to do, is to be sorting out and looking at the pictures of Prague. I just can’t get over all the beautiful details and views in there (and the fact how fun those were to photograph with my new camera!).

I really don’t know where to start with the city so I decided to blurt out random set of pictures. Feel free to stop watching at any point because you know what they say, life’s too short to watch other’s vacation pictures. I just can’t get enough of these, especially viewing the buildings and the cute color combinations! 😀





RU6A0065Yay, I got my new camera today! It got already dark before I got the battery loaded (not too much of daylight at this time of the year…) so the 7d mark II got to show of its luminosity right away.

What a difference to my old camera! Just took these pictures quickly around the house, and they turned up clear and pretty bright! With my old one all of these would have been dark and full of noise.

So my first impression is good, but I still need to learn to use some switches though that I will be comfortable with the new camera! But I’m happy, that even I’m not really into technology, I can notice the difference and I’m sure this purchase will pay off.

RU6A0017RU6A0054 RU6A0048

I think someone is giving me a meaningful look to say, I should pay attention to other things too than to the camera. So enough testing for today! ;)

I think someone is giving me a meaningful look to say that I should pay attention to other things too than to the camera. So enough testing for today! 😉


IMG_5497These are some of the last photos I’ve taken with my dear camera Canon 50D. I took these a couple of weeks ago, tried to get a nice shot of my dog…

I’ve thought about getting a new camera more or less for an year already, and today I marched into a shop and bought one! And gave away my 50D in exchange… 50D was my first SLR ever, and it has struggled with me through my studies and traveled with me on so many trips. And all I had to do for it, was to get it’s censor cleaned once. Once! So I couldn’t have wished for a better and more trustworthy camera to start my career as a photographer with. I thought about keeping the 50D as backup (or as a memory, as it’s sometimes hard for me to let some things go ;)), but figured I wouldn’t use it that much, so it’s better to get the euros I could still get out of it (And maybe get a mini-SLR for a back-up camera at some point with that money…). Of course 50D started to be little bit behind of it’s time already too though… But it served me well for six years.

So the new camera better be good! It will be delivered for me within a week. So after that, it’s Canon 7D Mark II I’ll be working with! Can’t wait. 🙂 I have sort of empty feeling right now, as the old one is already gone and I don’t have a camera in my closet until the new one arrives. Hope it will be here fast!IMG_5519 IMG_5526 IMG_5550 IMG_5678IMG_5689 IMG_5709 IMG_5459 IMG_5487 IMG_5599IMG_5504 IMG_5514