The Lazy Days Are Over

RU6A1681…Before they even really began. I’m stunned how quickly everything turned out to be ok, how fast I’m a worker again.

I was prepared for the endless days of filling job applications, getting used to the idea of being rejected all the time, counting my money and figuring cheap recipes I could try, thinking about thousands of ways I could spend my time during the long days of nothing to do, and how those days would turn into months. But I guess I got something right in my applications and before I really even had the time to think of all of that, here I am, with a new job starting tomorrow! And not just any job, a job in an international, huge company that I have always hoped would be part of my career path. I can’t be anything else than thankful and happy right now. Hope it will be as much fun as I have imagined it will!

And one lucky chihuahua will get his daily routine back too, naps without stupid human disturbing! šŸ˜‰RU6A1702RU6A1687



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