Travel Goals

Hmmm, not sure how much I get to travel this year since it’s already the end of February and I haven’t been anywhere. 😉 But I have a few dreams for the year that I hope I could carry out… Or at least just one of them. Please?

  1. Some close-to-home, quick weekend trips: to my all time favorite Stockholm and maybe to some new acquaintances for me; Copenhagen and St. Petersburg?
  2. Comprehensive homeland tour: It would be just fun to tour Finland! It’s been a while.
  3. I wouldn’t mind a lovely vacay in Europe, Paris is always a good idea right? And I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Plitvice lakes in Croatia for illegally long now too.
  4. Old darlings and new crushes further: New York, New York? And maybe finally South Africa?

I constructed a sort of a mind map for the travel goals from my old trips. I’m not after these exact countries, but this combination of wide-ranging trips. Destinations I can rely on, other ones that are exotic and new for me, some close and some far – all in a perfect ratio. Is it too much to ask?


Blogger’s Block

RU6A1798I’ve felt completely out of ideas with my blog lately. And to tell you the truth, I haven’t really even had the time to worry about it. I had forgotten how energy consuming starting a new job might be. I just needed to focus all the brain functioning I have towards that. But now a little over two weeks down at the new place, so we’re already on the winning side. 🙂 And I guess if I want to work in this more and more volatile media field, I better get used to this uncertainty and changes.

The days are also getting longer as we speak, so I’m sure the extra light won’t do any harm to my energy levels…  Maybe soon my head is filled with different ideas for travels and photo projects again. Any day now. 🙂RU6A1803