Travel Goals

Hmmm, not sure how much I get to travel this year since it’s already the end of February and I haven’t been anywhere. 😉 But I have a few dreams for the year that I hope I could carry out… Or at least just one of them. Please?

  1. Some close-to-home, quick weekend trips: to my all time favorite Stockholm and maybe to some new acquaintances for me; Copenhagen and St. Petersburg?
  2. Comprehensive homeland tour: It would be just fun to tour Finland! It’s been a while.
  3. I wouldn’t mind a lovely vacay in Europe, Paris is always a good idea right? And I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Plitvice lakes in Croatia for illegally long now too.
  4. Old darlings and new crushes further: New York, New York? And maybe finally South Africa?

I constructed a sort of a mind map for the travel goals from my old trips. I’m not after these exact countries, but this combination of wide-ranging trips. Destinations I can rely on, other ones that are exotic and new for me, some close and some far – all in a perfect ratio. Is it too much to ask?


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