Lovely Croatia

P1000355It’s hard to even describe how amazing Croatia was (and that little piece of Bosnia we saw)! I have some busy weeks a head, but I’ll try to get back with some more accurate post about the places we visited… Our route was more or less this: Dubrovnik-Mostar-Zadar-Plitvice-Zadar-Plat(Dubrovnik) and from Plat we also did a quick visit to Cavtat. A lot of driving, but totally worth every kilometre.

Here’s a sneak peak…



2 thoughts on “Lovely Croatia

  1. Such beautiful photos! Was Mostar to Zadar an easy drive? I’m doing it next month with a 4 year old (who is a little crazy lol)

    • Thank you! And sorry about the late response. The road between Mostar and Zadar is mostly freeway, so it’s quite easy. Near Mostar we took a mountain road, but even though I was nervous about driving it beforehand it wasn’t that bad. I hope you have a great trip! 🙂

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