Wedding Bliss

ru6a7643In a world where even dream couples like Brangelina break up, it’s good to sometimes remind ourselves there’s also love. That’s what makes wedding photography so special, it captures that feeling – that moment of bliss.

Here’s some shots I did this summer.


Btw, if you need a photographer near Helsinki, I’m happy to take more of these. 😉


Dubrovnik – at last!

Oops, I haven’t really been up in the blog for over a month and more accurate post about Croatia are nowhere to be seen – sorry! In August I had two wedding gigs as a photographer and photographing and editing the pictures have taken all my spare time. As much as I enjoy photographing weddings it’s not always easy to work 20 hours on top of the normal 40 hour work week…

I’m quite happy with how some of the wedding portraits turned out, so I hope I get them in the blog at some point too. But before that, since I haven’t had time to write more detailed posts about Croatia, here’s a quick photo diary from our first pit-stop: Dubrovnik.

Oh and even I’ve been busy working lately, I promise it will pay off. I’m working hard now, so that the last two weeks of October I can concentrate on enjoying life in SOUTH AFRICA! So stay tuned for more travel pictures at least by then. 😉