Stopover in Doha

ru6a9955I’m back! Time to start going through all of the pictures and remembering all the amazing places we saw in South Africa… But first, a quick peak to Doha, where we had a 10 hours stop on our way to Cape Town.

On the flight there, a Finnish man who had lived in Qatar for 12 years, happened to sit next to us, and we got many useful tips from him. He even offered to drop us off to Souq Waqif, the center of old town with restaurants and bazaar – as our main goal was to go for a dinner and to see a little bit of Doha.

Doha was an exciting experience, but I think a quick stopover was quite enough. Not sure if there would be so much to see for a weeks vacation or so… Or maybe it’s the kind of place that you need time to get hang of it.

In the end we still ended up waiting at the airport for five ours for our connection to Cape Town. You can image our feeling, when we heard AFTERWARDS that there is a free spa/pool and resting spots at the airport, when we suffered on those bad airport chairs all tired and sweaty from the heat… Just a small tip: Instructions about all the services there and how to get to the best spots wouldn’t hurt. 😀 ru6a9927



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