Camera Trouble

The feeling when you have a clean sensor in your camera — priceless (or at least worth 40 euros)!

I don’t know if you remember when I already complained about my dusty sensor after the trip to the US last fall?

The sky on Miami beach wasn't that clear through my camera last September.

The sky on Miami beach wasn’t that clear through my camera last September.

That’s when I first noticed it. I’ve had the camera for five years and it’s never been cleaned so I guess this isn’t that surprising, considering all the corners of the world I’ve carried it with me.

Since fall I’ve taken my camera and it’s manual in to my hands a few times with the intentions to clean the sensor, but I’ve chickened out. Of course I tried the automatic cleaning function also multiple times… I also tried to spray compressed air into the camera, which according to some Google-sources is a MISTAKE. Don’t do that. It might actually make the dust go deeper into the camera, in other words: make it harder or impossible to clean.

As you might have noticed, I like to use big aperture when I take pictures (from f1.8 to f5 etc.) so occasionally I’ve happily forgot I had that problem. The dust is usually invisible then. But taking bright scenery pictures in Budapest and using a small aperture was a real wake up call. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to seek professional help. 😀


The problem was this bad in Budapest...

The problem was this bad in Budapest… I know.

I left my camera to a camera service for 24 hours, paid 40 euros and it was totally worth it. I haven’t taken this neat pictures in a while! 😉 By myself I probably would have destroyed the whole camera trying to get it clean. I’m just glad my compressed air -tests didn’t do that yet.

Look at that clean sky!

Look at that clean sky!

From now on I’m for sure paying closer attention to storing my camera too. For example, I won’t let it stay on the table unprotected from dust anymore!


Up Next Weekend: Budapest

This time next week we are already in Budapest with J! Trying to figure out what to do there, since we only have two days… I mostly want to relax but also hope to do some sightseeing. All the necessary stuff like hotel and airport transportation have been taken care of, so now it’s time to focus on the things to do:

– I remember Castle Hill and there especially Fisherman’s Bastion have a beautiful view over the city, and I want to see it again.

– Hmmm, walking around the city and Danube to see all the bridges and buildings is a must, but I guess that will sort out what ever we decide to do.

– Never tried traditional public baths, maybe that could be a way to clear my mind of stress, soaking in one of them? But which one? There is at least Széchenyi SpaGellért Baths and some other modern ones I’ve heard of.

– Shopping! There’s no holiday without shopping. 🙂 I’m hoping the West End City Center will take care of this one. Or maybe a short visit to the shopping street Váci utca. Heading to Vaci could also include a stop in the Great Market Hall… Decisions, decisions…!

But what else? Is that enough for two days or should we squeeze something else? Is there something so special we can’t miss, a museum, gallery, a sight?

At least the weather seems promising for anything we decide to do, plus 18 celsius degrees and mostly sunny. Can’t wait!!!!

Back On Track


Yayyy, I’m finally getting some relief to this constant urge to travel. Just booked a small three nights and two days holiday to Budapest for April! It’s all I could do with the few days I get off from work. I’ve been in Budapest once before (it was the last stop of a mini-InterRail-trip) but it’s been a while. Didn’t even own a simple digital camera back then and flew back with a budget airline called Sterling, don’t think that even exists anymore…?

Oh those times!

IMG_5491 IMG_5499