Travel Cam

P1000029I like to travel through pictures, witch means that I often want to go to destinations that I have seen great pictures of. And of course photographing is one my favorite things to do when traveling – obviously!

But my DSLR isn’t always the best travel companion, because it’s so heavy to carry. In Tallinn I missed a lot of photo opportunities, just because I was too tired to grab the camera from my back bag… Not to mention how I have to worry that it might be stolen! Still, I don’t want to compromise with the quality of my travel photos, some crappy cell phone shots will not do! As I have some wedding gigs approaching too, I also started thinking what’s my back up, if there’s any trouble with my equipment…

After I saw a good deal in a photography shop, the solution to both of these problem was clear = mini-SLR!  I’m love. ❤

So on Sunday, my new Lumix DMC-GM1  with a 12-32mm lens will fly with me to Croatia instead of my Canon 7D Mark II. All the pictures in this post are taken with the new camera. So I’m sure, it will do just fine in Croatia too. 🙂






RU6A0065Yay, I got my new camera today! It got already dark before I got the battery loaded (not too much of daylight at this time of the year…) so the 7d mark II got to show of its luminosity right away.

What a difference to my old camera! Just took these pictures quickly around the house, and they turned up clear and pretty bright! With my old one all of these would have been dark and full of noise.

So my first impression is good, but I still need to learn to use some switches though that I will be comfortable with the new camera! But I’m happy, that even I’m not really into technology, I can notice the difference and I’m sure this purchase will pay off.

RU6A0017RU6A0054 RU6A0048

I think someone is giving me a meaningful look to say, I should pay attention to other things too than to the camera. So enough testing for today! ;)

I think someone is giving me a meaningful look to say that I should pay attention to other things too than to the camera. So enough testing for today! 😉


IMG_5497These are some of the last photos I’ve taken with my dear camera Canon 50D. I took these a couple of weeks ago, tried to get a nice shot of my dog…

I’ve thought about getting a new camera more or less for an year already, and today I marched into a shop and bought one! And gave away my 50D in exchange… 50D was my first SLR ever, and it has struggled with me through my studies and traveled with me on so many trips. And all I had to do for it, was to get it’s censor cleaned once. Once! So I couldn’t have wished for a better and more trustworthy camera to start my career as a photographer with. I thought about keeping the 50D as backup (or as a memory, as it’s sometimes hard for me to let some things go ;)), but figured I wouldn’t use it that much, so it’s better to get the euros I could still get out of it (And maybe get a mini-SLR for a back-up camera at some point with that money…). Of course 50D started to be little bit behind of it’s time already too though… But it served me well for six years.

So the new camera better be good! It will be delivered for me within a week. So after that, it’s Canon 7D Mark II I’ll be working with! Can’t wait. 🙂 I have sort of empty feeling right now, as the old one is already gone and I don’t have a camera in my closet until the new one arrives. Hope it will be here fast!IMG_5519 IMG_5526 IMG_5550 IMG_5678IMG_5689 IMG_5709 IMG_5459 IMG_5487 IMG_5599IMG_5504 IMG_5514

Carnival of Lights

IMG_5321Linnanmäki, an amusement park in Helsinki, has arranged “Valokarnevaalit” (Carnival of Lights) for 10 years now. It means the park has opened some of it’s rides for a week outside the main season, and the park has been decorated with different lights. It’s a nice idea in the middle of darkening autumn.

As I’m a fan of amusements parks, I’ve always wanted to go, but I’ve never lived in the capital city area before at this time of the year! This week I finally got my chance.

I was waiting for the carnival because of the atmosphere but also because I though it would be great for photography. Photographing there was a bit frustrating for me though; I should have brought a stand for the camera with me and I should have had a better camera to begin with! I’ve been considering getting a new camera for quite some time already, but maybe now it really starts to be the time to get the wheels rolling… As much as I like my 50D, I’m starting to feel like development has driven past it.IMG_5456 IMG_5343 IMG_5327IMG_5355 IMG_5391 IMG_5394 IMG_5419 IMG_5427 IMG_5431IMG_5332

Camera Trouble

The feeling when you have a clean sensor in your camera — priceless (or at least worth 40 euros)!

I don’t know if you remember when I already complained about my dusty sensor after the trip to the US last fall?

The sky on Miami beach wasn't that clear through my camera last September.

The sky on Miami beach wasn’t that clear through my camera last September.

That’s when I first noticed it. I’ve had the camera for five years and it’s never been cleaned so I guess this isn’t that surprising, considering all the corners of the world I’ve carried it with me.

Since fall I’ve taken my camera and it’s manual in to my hands a few times with the intentions to clean the sensor, but I’ve chickened out. Of course I tried the automatic cleaning function also multiple times… I also tried to spray compressed air into the camera, which according to some Google-sources is a MISTAKE. Don’t do that. It might actually make the dust go deeper into the camera, in other words: make it harder or impossible to clean.

As you might have noticed, I like to use big aperture when I take pictures (from f1.8 to f5 etc.) so occasionally I’ve happily forgot I had that problem. The dust is usually invisible then. But taking bright scenery pictures in Budapest and using a small aperture was a real wake up call. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to seek professional help. 😀


The problem was this bad in Budapest...

The problem was this bad in Budapest… I know.

I left my camera to a camera service for 24 hours, paid 40 euros and it was totally worth it. I haven’t taken this neat pictures in a while! 😉 By myself I probably would have destroyed the whole camera trying to get it clean. I’m just glad my compressed air -tests didn’t do that yet.

Look at that clean sky!

Look at that clean sky!

From now on I’m for sure paying closer attention to storing my camera too. For example, I won’t let it stay on the table unprotected from dust anymore!