Traveling with the Dog – Stockholm Edition

P1020994So how was it – traveling with man’s best friend? Well, I got to say I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think my chihuahua will be a world traveler anytime soon. 😀

I decided to list some pros and cons I discovered during our week in Stockholm. I guess the most important thing in traveling with your pet is that your pet is social and fine with the situations. But after this trip, I guess it all might be a bit too much for mine.


Let’s start with pros:

+ You won’t miss you your dog, because he’s with you!

+ You get different experiences when you have to think your trip the dog friendly way

+ It might be easier to get contact to locals as you have a dog as ice breaker


…And the cons:

-It’s stressful and more work: customs, vaccinations, dog might be stressed…? Even when you want to get a taxi you have to make sure dogs are allowed.

-Is the apartment/hotel/cabin dog friendly? You might have to start your vacation cleaning the place so your four legged friend won’t get anything suspicious to eat/chew!

-It costs more money: You might have to pay ticket for your dog too or get a vaccination/medication before/during the trip, like we did.


Also summer time would be better to travel with a dog – then you can just hang out outside too!


Traveling with man’s best friend?

ru6a9608Being a dog owner will inevitably affect traveling. During the four years I have had my chihuahua, I’ve been able to travel because I know he’ll be in good care when I’m gone. It just needs more organizing. Always before booking flights or making plans, I have to make sure he will be taken care of. But of course it has also crossed my mind several times, that could I take my dog with?

While I was in South Africa my chihu got really sick, and I felt bad not being able to be with him. But would it have been better for him to be in a very different country, get through long stressful flights and be vulnerable to all the strange diseases and bacteria? I don’t think so. Not to mention that dogs can’t be taken to many places (museums, sights, some restaurants?), which brings more challenge to traveling. So combining traveling and pets isn’t easy, and it’s important to think all the pros and cons, what’s best for your pet? Because it should be always put first.

Anyway, I think that maybe some kind of trips with dogs could be done. And at it’s best I believe a holiday with a pet could be amazing. So next Friday, me and my dog U venture to our first trip abroad together – as far as Sweden. 😀 Sweden is close to Finland, easily accessible and I know Stockholm very well, that’s where we will spend a week. I’m only stressed about how will U react to traveling with a boat? With a private cabin it shouldn’t be too hard as long as the sea stays calm? Another thing is, that we have to visit the vet in Stockholm, to get the tapeworm treatment as Sweden has tapeworms and Finland doesn’t. I’m always nervous about how U will react to different medicine, but it shouldn’t be too dangerous, right?

Anyone here with experience on traveling with a dog? What should you take into consideration when traveling with a pet? Do you think it’s better to leave your dog at home or take him with you?ru6a9638ru6a9614

You can follow U’s adventures on his Instagram account.


RU6A1865Since it has been quiet on the travel front after Prague, I’ve been struggling to find ideas to write about. As I have gone through the memory card from my camera, looking for inspiration, I’ve only barged into pictures of my dog.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t wanna turn this blog to be all about dogs. So I continue to write this like I have until now. But I also wanted to have some sort of channel for my endless chihuahua-pictures. So from now on, you can follow my canine photos and maybe get a little insight to my dog’s life in instagram. The account is named creatively “Chihugram” (

So when it’s quiet on my blog, you might wanna follow chihugram, there might be something going on there. 😉RU6A0293RU6A1848RU6A0125


The Lazy Days Are Over

RU6A1681…Before they even really began. I’m stunned how quickly everything turned out to be ok, how fast I’m a worker again.

I was prepared for the endless days of filling job applications, getting used to the idea of being rejected all the time, counting my money and figuring cheap recipes I could try, thinking about thousands of ways I could spend my time during the long days of nothing to do, and how those days would turn into months. But I guess I got something right in my applications and before I really even had the time to think of all of that, here I am, with a new job starting tomorrow! And not just any job, a job in an international, huge company that I have always hoped would be part of my career path. I can’t be anything else than thankful and happy right now. Hope it will be as much fun as I have imagined it will!

And one lucky chihuahua will get his daily routine back too, naps without stupid human disturbing! 😉RU6A1702RU6A1687


Traveling Inside Hometown

IMG_2372I’ve probably mentioned this before too, but now that I’m living in a whole new city for me, it’s easy to make everyday things feel like traveling. Like on Wednesday, I bicycled to work for the first time. Despite studying the map really hard beforehand, I got lost and a 19 kilometer ride turned to more like 25 kilometers… Glad I had realized something like that could happen, and took off early.

And then yesterday I went to Nuuksio National Park with two friends. I’ve never been there before, so even I’m surrounded by Finnish nature all the time, it was somehow more special… You know, like being on a trip. Of course I dragged my camera with me too. 😉

IMG_2385 IMG_2387 IMG_2217 IMG_2339IMG_2219 IMG_2222 IMG_2225 IMG_2231 IMG_2383IMG_2244 IMG_2256 IMG_2263 IMG_2271 IMG_2275 IMG_2278 IMG_2286 IMG_2304 IMG_2308 IMG_2314 IMG_2317 IMG_2325 IMG_2342 IMG_2352