Material Crush

IMG_3773During the summer time (even the summer hasn’t really felt like summer this time, since it’s been so c-o-l-d) I feel like I’m spending a lot less time at home compared to winter. Maybe there’s just still a lot more going on during the summer. But now, that the fall is getting closer, it’s time to focus on the house again, so that I have a nice little base where I can hide from the frost in winter… 😉

After we moved to Espoo (a little over half year ago!), we had to get a lot of necessary furniture, like dining table and a couch. And we purchased a lot of those as new, since someone else was always faster than me, when I was after nice recycled ones. After we got all we needed, furnishing the house has been on a break. I guess I needed to breathe a little between running from store store looking for everything… But now I’m starting to feel like I would have the energy again to start finding what we want on top of those necessities we’ve already got.

I love the fact that our house is new, clean and feeling spacious, but still I wouldn’t mind adding some “old” to it. I mean, if a house is too clinical, it just doesn’t feel like a real home. And I found the perfect item to start my new decoration plans with, to bring in the good vibes: beautiful wooden chest! Just what I’ve been searching for.

I discovered it from a market place in the internet, and the seller said they had found it from her grandmother’s house. So it might actually be as old as it says in the front: from 1858. Now I just have to find something else in that blue-color, that the chest will match the rest of our apartment… 😉

IMG_3776 IMG_3782 IMG_3790 IMG_3792 IMG_3771


Let’s Stay Home

IMG_1856Travel fever starts to burn again in the back of my head. It’s been almost three months from Berlin, and I still got no idea where I would go next and when. I mean it’s weird that I don’t even have a clear idea about where I would want to go next… This year I’m mostly stuck at work anyways, so short holidays limit get-aways a lot too. And lately my travel budget has been splurged on moving and decorating the new house…

I don’t know if it has something to do with having no travel plans, but I also woke up to the fact that for the first time when I’m living “on my own” (away from my parents house), I have a home where nothing annoys me.

I’ve had nice apartments, but the first one had way too small bathroom, I could hardly sit on the toilet seat without my knees touching the wall opposite to it. The next one had big toilet, but dust kept building up in piles everywhere at megalomaniac speed. And that student apartment had too sensitive fire alarm system  too. (Waking up to an alarm sound sometimes twice a week get’s old after a while…). Then the last apartment at Tampere was nice too, but some little things were broken here and there, and we didn’t have quite enough room for all my clothes the stuff. And I don’t even wanna start with all the summer apartments I’ve had. Living in the middle of strange peoples stuff or without no furniture at all isn’t too cozy.

With the new place, I can’t come up with any big reasons to complain about. Everything works fine and  the floor-plan is good. Well, location could always be closer to downtown Helsinki, but it isn’t the apartments fault is it? 🙂 IMG_1851 IMG_1827 IMG_1823-horz IMG_1821

New Details


New in: plate for fruits (but apparently also suitable for holding flowers ;)), basket for magazines/mail and curtains with a black and white tree-print.

I love the phase in settling in to a new home when everything starts to be so ready, that it’s possible to begin to pay attention to details. Then the hardest part is choosing from all the endless ideas and styles…

Today I got some new decoration-stuff that I had ordered online. I became so excited about how everything will look like (at least I imagine everything from the curtains to carpets is going to look good!) I had to snap a few pictures of the details around the house with my phone before running off to work. I wish I had time to put all the new pieces and things on their places soon!



Last week I offered a new home to this second-hand armchair. The pillow case is self sewn.


In The House

IMG_1677I still have a lot of unfinished business with decorating the house, like getting the new dining table build (parts arrived yesterday) and buying some other missing items like curtains etc. (Payday can’t come soon enough!)

But now at least most of the boxes have been unpacked (or taken into the storage out of sight), and a big part of our things have found their places… In other words, it’s starting to be possible to distinguish the house from all the unorganized stuff, so I can finally give a sneak peek to our new home and unveil a little bit what it’s like. 😉 There’s lot of things from our old home, but in new surroundings…

IMG_1682 IMG_1685 IMG_1706 IMG_1710 IMG_1714 IMG_1666


This is it, the beginning of the end! Haha, well maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but this is the weekend I’ll have to start wrapping up my life in this apartment that has been base for all the travels and all the things I’ve done in over 4 and a half years. Next Friday this time I’m already picking up the keys to our new place and getting my muscles ready for some serious box-lifting.

I will miss this place, it’s in the center of everything and has all these memories… It’s a home.

But after J living here for two years too, I think it’s about time to double the space… How did we survive this long in a small studio without tearing eyes off of each other? It’s a mystery even for me. Can’t image how it feels to have two rooms. We can be at home, but don’t have to be in the same room all the time. 🙂

It’ll be our first unbiased rental flat. J says that the decor can’t be so girly there, as it has been here since I lived here first… I don’t know what is he talking about? 😀koti2


koti3IMG_4426 IMG_4428-tile IMG_4432