In the Garden

IMG_7540Our chihu-U is currently spending his summer holiday at his “summer-house” — in other words at my parents place. He definitely enjoys the big yard out there! Well, I do too, when ever I visit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to run free, smell flowers and chase butterflies all the time? 😉

Taking pictures of the furry perpetual motion machine wasn’t too easy though, since there’s interesting bugs, noises, items or smells in the garden all the time…



IMG_7677-horz IMG_7561 IMG_7578 IMG_7580 IMG_7589 IMG_7597 IMG_7604 IMG_7656IMG_7614-horz IMG_7664IMG_7626 IMG_7650



Sunny Day with U

Only a week left of summer work this year, where did all the days in three months go? I’m really looking forward to THE trip already (count down down to 10 days!), but also life after it, because that’s when my puppy Urho will come back home from his summer residence! I’ve missed that furry friend goofing around the house. I guess he has barely remembered me though, he has had so good (treats) housing conditions in Turku. 😉

This is how the goings-on looked like last Sunday, when I was visiting.


urho2 IMG_1443

urho1 kesaU