Travel Goals

Hmmm, not sure how much I get to travel this year since it’s already the end of February and I haven’t been anywhere. 😉 But I have a few dreams for the year that I hope I could carry out… Or at least just one of them. Please?

  1. Some close-to-home, quick weekend trips: to my all time favorite Stockholm and maybe to some new acquaintances for me; Copenhagen and St. Petersburg?
  2. Comprehensive homeland tour: It would be just fun to tour Finland! It’s been a while.
  3. I wouldn’t mind a lovely vacay in Europe, Paris is always a good idea right? And I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Plitvice lakes in Croatia for illegally long now too.
  4. Old darlings and new crushes further: New York, New York? And maybe finally South Africa?

I constructed a sort of a mind map for the travel goals from my old trips. I’m not after these exact countries, but this combination of wide-ranging trips. Destinations I can rely on, other ones that are exotic and new for me, some close and some far – all in a perfect ratio. Is it too much to ask?


Home is where…?

IMG_8817I’ve been  thinking about the concept of home a lot lately. Is it a nice house, a state of mind or is it built by the people (and pets ;)) that live with you? What makes home home?

The reason I’ve been thinking this is because, well, I’m moving to Helsinki to the capital city area in the end of December — for good, or at least for now! And today, we made an offer for a house, so I don’t know what to think or how to be…!

They say home is where you’re heart is, but how can we then guarantee that the house we are buying will feel like home? Does your heart always follow, when you move? Deep, I know. 🙂 Just some thoughts I’ve been thinking lately. It is just a curious thing for me, that I’ve been building my life first in Turku, then in Tampere for over six years already, and now it’s time for something totally different again. It’s very exciting, fascinating and scary at the same time! But I want to believe these kind of changes are always only for the better.

This is my home, my neighborhood now. But only for the next two months anymore…

IMG_8803 IMG_8802 IMG_8799 IMG_8829 IMG_8820 IMG_8816 IMG_8815 IMG_8811 IMG_8809

Sunday Readings

Sunday, what a great day to have a break from thesis-theory books, and read about traveling. Without no sure or any yet arranged travel plans for this year, my travel fever is starting to burn stronger and stronger. I’m getting myself too many bright ideas from The New York Times article: 52 Places to Go in 2014. Hmmm, I’d be happy even for one out of those 52 for this year (maybe even a rerun with one of those, that I’ve checked earlier, would do…)!

Dalai Lama is a wise man, and as he would say: “Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before.” We should listen to him, right?

Dreaming Big

I haven’t been out of Finland since the small Stockholm-visit in the end of February. Boy, I’m starting to be rooted here! (If it’s possible in this icy, snow frosted land…)

I have no obligations in May since work starts in June, so I thought I could go somewhere nice, just here in Europe. But then I thought again, that maybe I could just save the money, and do something bigger and more spectacular next fall… Like a road trip in the country we all adore… USA! Okay, I know I won’t have the time or the money to drive across the whole country. But how about just a look-see trip with a pancake-mozzarella stick-cheesecake-coke-diet?

I already have the places to visit and flights picked out…

(Had to exceptionally borrow some pictures through Google search, hope no-one will mind!)

Now I just have to make it happen! Are you with me, K? 😉