Hint of Color

IMG_5220I made a small outing to the forest on Saturday with my friends to see the fall colors. The colors weren’t all that saturated yet, but nevertheless it was so pretty, that it was a shame I didn’t have my camera with me. So today when I went for our normal daily walk with U, I had to take my camera along too, just in case.

The views weren’t as pretty as the ones in the recreation area, but anyway, there are some colors… Though, autumn isn’t as far as it could be —  there are still some signs of summer left too.

IMG_5120 IMG_5129 IMG_5221IMG_5136 IMG_5250IMG_5154 IMG_5158 IMG_5169 IMG_5204 IMG_5213


Working Fall

IMG_8651It’s hard getting used to the fact that I’m not going back to school this year — and maybe never. Or more like it’s hard to get used to working all the time. All the little free time that I have runs by so fast and work schedules everything I do… Oh, how easy it was to fill calendar with everything nice while I was studying. Evading obligations was so easy. 😀

Camera has stayed in its backpack for way too long too, except for few gigs at work. Fortunately there’s always weekends, small respite to everyday life and some time to enjoy these beautiful fall-colors and weather…

IMG_8645 IMG_8653IMG_8636 IMG_8632 IMG_8754 IMG_8742 IMG_8705 IMG_8647IMG_8688 IMG_8675 IMG_8668 IMG_8656

Everyday Routines

Life is little by little getting back to normal. First week of work is almost done, thesis is coming along (well, not really, but I’m hopefully getting there), and Tampere is starting to feel like home again.

Actually it’s so comfy and safe in these same circles, that I decided NOT to send one e-mail this week. An email that would have changed my life at least for six months next spring. Yes, I decided not to fight for the internship in Michigan I got last winter, that I could have started quite likely next spring if I wanted to.

I know, many people would have chosen otherwise. I might be missing an opportunity of a lifetime, and I don’t know if I’m going to regret it later. At some point I probably am. But right now, life feels good as it is, with no anticipation about leaving sometime soon somewhere again. I like to think it as, not a step I didn’t take, more like one I took in to a different direction. It’s a step closer to stability and feeling comfortable where I am, and accepting the fact that as much as I would want to DO everything, I have to sometimes give up something or it’s too much. Maybe I’m seriously getting old… But it feels fine.

Today it was so sunny and beautiful outside, I had to take my canon along for mine and Urho’s everyday walk.

IMG_4142 syksy_kauppi