Hey Girl…

…It’s my birthday! Haha, I wonder when I have to update the description in my blogs about-text from “twenty something” to “closer to her fifties”… Because today I reached a quarter of a century. I’m old! But I still get to keep my childish style and kittenish attitude, right? And  play a little silly person once in a while?

Some time ago...

It’s been a while from this!

More than worrying about age crisis, I feel contented having had the life I’ve had though, with so many wonderful experiences and relatively little bad things happening to me to this age. Having the best parents and being able to meet all kinds of wonderful people all over the world I can now call friends, to mention just a few of the things I’m joyful for.

To celebrate my birthday, I decided it’s time to switch the winter coat for my spring jacket and dress up to a new dress, but not in too grown-up-style one. As a birthday present for myself I had naturally ordered a package from Forever21 a week before… Isn’t this the age I can start dreaming the name of the clothing brand would have been possible for me? 😀

I'm wearing: Green parka - VILA Stockholm, Bag - JCPenneys USA, Scarf - Seppälä Finland

I’m wearing: Green parka – VILA Stockholm, Bag – JCPenneys USA, Scarf – Seppälä Finland

Dress / Forever21 Europe

Panel dress with scalloped hem / Forever21 Europe

My favorite accesories.

My favorite accessory — not for sale (if he learns to behave, that is…. ;)). 25 years and less than 6 months of life experience in the same picture.

New studded head band / Forvever21

New studded head band / Forvever21



When ever a new ferry starts traveling from my home town, it’s a big deal among the locals. So was Viking Grace, when it started taking passengers to Stockholm in January. On Sunday, I got to see what all the fuzz was about. And I must admit, even though I don’t think the boat it still a world-class cruise ship, there was significant improvement to its predecessor, Viking Isabella. I loved how the decor was stylish, modern and yet playful. It looked like they had especially invested in light because there were all kinds of funky lamps…

IMG_8995 IMG_9026 IMG_9032 IMG_8987 IMG_9006 IMG_9019

My travel outfit for Grace:

outfit grace

Top / Carrion -Nicaragua
Skirt / H&M- Finland
Shoes / Forever21 -USA
Jacket and purse / Second hand

Nail Art For Weekend Getaways

I’ve been feeling under the weather for a week now, and laying tucked in my bed, inside the same walls starts to get a bit boring. Flu – I’m ready to let you go!

I tried to spend the bearable feverish-moments to study for my master’s thesis but some how the feminist media studies suddenly had a drowsy effect on me. And even I’m sick, sleeping all of the time is out the question, thanks to certain small Urho-dog, who needs his caretaker or thing start to get chewed…

So last night, I decided to do my nails to entertain myself, here’s the results:


Golden nailpolish / sales find from Gina Tricot
Nail stickers / impulsive buy last spring from Seppälä


IMG_8826Hope these nails are as long-lasting as they are pretty: I have a long weekend ahead! (If only I get better first!)

Plans include: Saturday; Housewarming party in Helsinki. Sunday: Urho’s play-date in Turku and I’m off to a new ferry Viking Grace. Monday & Tuesday: Stockholm!!!

Black & Gold

Yesterday we headed to J’s sister’s wedding to Helsinki. I’m glad that event-wise this year seems have a really good start compared to last falls downward spiral… Celebrating nuptials was also great because I got to bring into play my new fabulous finds from Nicaragua and the US (my dress was in danger to be buried in the closet to wait for summer and warmer days). Apart from few small accessories my outfit consisted of “souvenir” clothes. So here’s my small moment as a fashion blogger and yesterdays outfit:


Dress/Carrion/Nicaragua, jacket/Charlotte Russe/USA

Dress/Carrion/Nicaragua, jacket/Charlotte Russe/USA
Iih, it was cold outside. Don’t know how the fashion bloggers do this! 😀

Earrings/Charlotte Russe/USA

Earrings/Charlotte Russe/USA


IMG_8539 Studded ballerinas/Forever21/USA


Enjoying the serving with J.

IMG_8526Once more congrats to the happy couple R&H!