Purchasing Illumination

So to scoop myself out of this November-blues, I bought a little extra light today. I made a trip to Pirkkala, to Verkkokauppa.com with J and purchased a new flash. As you might guess, Yongnuo it is. I went for the easy-on-the-pocket model YN-460 II for 60 euros. And as far judging by the looks of it, it seems worth the money.

Found the store!

Grabbed this with me (and fought pretty good against other cravings: only some re-chargeable batteries came home with me on top of that…)

Almost missed the bus on the way back, because I started to be out of money after shopping. Even the flash was comparatively cheap.

And the flash got a new home ❤



Remote Controlling

I don’t have any classes this week (kind of fall break, but intended for doing school stuff…) so I finally had the time to play with my new transmitters again. This time I tried out the remote control feature, and it worked fine right away (well, I admit that for short moment I thought one of the transmitters was broken, but I had just put it on a wrong frequency by mistake, ooops…).

The remote control ability in the transmitter is convenient for instance if you want to perpetuate yourself with your flash, like I did. 🙂 And again I forgot; never look straight into the flash. Why is it so hard to remember?

This means I’ll probably be heading to the store sometime soon to buy a new Yongnuo-flash. If the transmitters work, I’m sure the flashes work too (plus it’s the only flash I can afford just now).

But first back to homework…

I Got Mail!

…My new radio transmitters arrived. I had a chance to test them today a little. As long as my flash batteries collaborated with me, they seemed to work like a charm. Have to try them again soon with better preparations (and with back-up batteries!), because I didn’t have the change to try the transmitters in the capacity of a cameras remote control yet. Nor did I test how far does the signals carry… So maybe next time I take them outside for a test.

It works!

Flashy Fall

It’s been busy two weeks with the work ending and moving, but now I can draw breath. I figured it’s about time to start taking photography seriously again, at least when school starts to roll with full volume again… I got new enthusiasm for photography during last week of work, I got to do few gigs! It was so much fun. Meeting people and photographing them somehow gives so much fresh energy and a craving for more. Though, sitting in the office as photo editor has it’s sides too.

I’ve realized that graduating is not far away (year or two…) so I really have to pull myself together if I’m gonna make it as freelance photographer after school (can’t dream of a permanent job can I? As if it was possible nowadays in media business). And also Nicaragua on my mind (I normally borrow some equipment for my gigs from university, but Finland’s borders are the limit for them), I’ve decided to buy some new toys to play with. I already ordered Yongnuo flash triggers from eBay. I’ve been suspicious about using other manufacturers than Canon, but a co-worker recommended those radio-triggers and the price wasn’t too bad. If they work well, I’ll be putting a new flash in order from Yongnuo as well.

Another thing I have to explore is how to make homepage for my photography portfolio. I don’t think this scatty-blog of mine will convince many employers. Now I just have find the How to create webpages – for dummies