Garden Stuff

IMG_2637Because my mom is a bit of a “garden freak”, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to share some pictures of what has happened in my garden this far. It’s not much though. We are still waiting for the constructor to finnish the yards, so until that happens, the focus in only on the terrace…

These plants will probably find their final spots after grass is on the ground and we have managed to get the outdoor furniture as well… That means, hopefully sometime this summer. 😀


No need for an own flag pole as the neighbour's works just fine. ;)

No need for an own flag pole as the neighbour’s works just fine. 😉

My little helper.

My little helper, if helping means stealing the gardening gloves as soon as you take them out of your hands…

IMG_2658Happy Mother’s Day! ❤


Flower Talk

IMG_1924Now that we have a yard of our own (very very small, but still a yard) I’ve noticed a whole new enthusiasm in me towards plants and flowers.

My mom usually spends the entire summertime outside in her garden, and when she isn’t there, she is most likely reading one of her gardening books. I’ve always wondered what’s the catch?

But now that the snow has almost melted, small green signs of spring appear here and there, and the sun rays start to be warm, I catch myself thinking about flowers, plants and gardening… What’s happening in here? 😀

More and more often, I find myself at the gardening section at stores, looking at flowerpots and seeds. I google for advice on internet about how to keep my plants alive. I’ve even thought about getting a small flower table inside, so I could have more flowers here (because I have now idea when the constructor will finnish our backyard, so I could actually start doing something gardening-related outside…).

The funniest part is, this all could be such a huge waste of time and money because I seriously don’t have a clue, am I able to keep any plant alive for long. When I was studying, life was so irregular, that it was best to go with plastic or cut flowers. Well, I had one orchid experiment, but that didn’t exactly encourage me in these gardening and growing plants -endeavors…  (Btw, despite everything that orchid is still alive and well and often blooming, because it has been in my mom‘s care for years already).

We’ll see if this craze settles down, when the reality kicks in.

IMG_1932 IMG_1879 IMG_1887 IMG_1889 IMG_1898 IMG_1904 IMG_1908 IMG_1864IMG_1930

P.S. I’ve managed to keep those white saint paulias in the pictures alive for over two months already. That has got to be a good sign, right?

New Details


New in: plate for fruits (but apparently also suitable for holding flowers ;)), basket for magazines/mail and curtains with a black and white tree-print.

I love the phase in settling in to a new home when everything starts to be so ready, that it’s possible to begin to pay attention to details. Then the hardest part is choosing from all the endless ideas and styles…

Today I got some new decoration-stuff that I had ordered online. I became so excited about how everything will look like (at least I imagine everything from the curtains to carpets is going to look good!) I had to snap a few pictures of the details around the house with my phone before running off to work. I wish I had time to put all the new pieces and things on their places soon!



Last week I offered a new home to this second-hand armchair. The pillow case is self sewn.


Working Fall

IMG_8651It’s hard getting used to the fact that I’m not going back to school this year — and maybe never. Or more like it’s hard to get used to working all the time. All the little free time that I have runs by so fast and work schedules everything I do… Oh, how easy it was to fill calendar with everything nice while I was studying. Evading obligations was so easy. 😀

Camera has stayed in its backpack for way too long too, except for few gigs at work. Fortunately there’s always weekends, small respite to everyday life and some time to enjoy these beautiful fall-colors and weather…

IMG_8645 IMG_8653IMG_8636 IMG_8632 IMG_8754 IMG_8742 IMG_8705 IMG_8647IMG_8688 IMG_8675 IMG_8668 IMG_8656

After The Rain

IMG_6871Yesterday was my last day at Tampere (for now), and it was rainy. The rain paused for a while, so I decided to walk one of our favorite routes with U once more before new summer adventures. Towards the end of the walk it started to rain again, so I had to tuck my camera into my backpack. But I was happy about the few sunbeams and the fresh after-the-rain-air we had managed to enjoy for a fine moment. Now I’m watching a multi-storey building out of my window in Helsinki. Far from U and far from J. It’s summer now.IMG_6876 IMG_6890 IMG_6895IMG_6864IMG_6900 IMG_6902 IMG_6906 IMG_6930IMG_6855-horzIMG_6938 IMG_6941 IMG_6956 IMG_6977 IMG_6848