Food Cravings

RU6A2973It’s funny that the older I’ve become, the bigger role food has gotten in travels and in holidays. Like always before a trip I think of where should I eat and what special treats that country has that I have to try. The same applies to holidays: Christmas, Easter, First of May… You name it. Even if I don’t like all traditional foods related to the holidays, food and eating are things I’m mostly looking forward to when a holiday approaches.

Is this normal? Should I be worried? I don’t know, but oh how nice it was to do (and eat) donuts after a years break, since it’s May Day again! 😀





IMG_1788Ah, is there anything better than late and slow mornings? I love it when I can crawl out of bed in slow motion whenever I feel zippy enough and read the newspaper with a cup of coffee as long as I want.

Last night was short because of daylight saving, but who cares as long as the morning is great and tranquil?

And now,it’s sort of officially summer time (even it doesn’t seem like it yet if you judge by the weather…). Yay!

IMG_1795 IMG_1787

Weight Off (My Shoulders)

I’m talking about the weight of my thesis. Finally got the results today, and it seems like it is all really finally over. No last-minute massive mistakes showed up. Phewwww! Only a small bureaucratic detail standing between me and graduation anymore. Yay!

But talking about weight, now that thesis is over, I think I need to shake off the other kind of “thesis weight” too — the physical kind. Long hours sitting by the laptop, rewarding yourself for writing one more page and so on. It’s not hard to guess a part of that process stays on the waist as a memory of all the countless times shared with the text editor and books. Fortunately some (fairly) healthy foods taste good too. 😛 My favorites at the moment: chicken pesto salad and asparagus. And as a dessert: fresh strawberries, Turkish yogurt, honey roasted cashews and a hint of syrup. YUMMY!


 (It’s easy to eat too much of these though, so they might not have the desired effect on weight…)

Green Start


I have to admit, lately work and thesis has been sucking out all the energy off me and I’ve had no time to give thoughts to my blog — or anything else. Weekends, when I could do something different, I’ve felt so washed-out I’ve only been wandering around half brain-dead.

But I’ve been actively reading other blogs, and what seems to be the energy and well-being secret of many lifestyle-bloggers right now, are green smoothies. I thought I’d give it a try. It can’t make me any less energetic, can it? So I made my first green smoothie ever.

I must admit, the taste of spinach in a smoothie wasn’t all that bad I had thought. The berries covered it quite nicely. Maybe this could work if I would make it every morning… At least some placebo-energy is starting to rise already! 😉

Mixed some berries, spinach, pear and avocado with oat milk.

Mixed some berries, spinach, pear and avocado with oat milk.

IMG_5521 IMG_5513