Material Crush

IMG_3773During the summer time (even the summer hasn’t really felt like summer this time, since it’s been so c-o-l-d) I feel like I’m spending a lot less time at home compared to winter. Maybe there’s just still a lot more going on during the summer. But now, that the fall is getting closer, it’s time to focus on the house again, so that I have a nice little base where I can hide from the frost in winter… 😉

After we moved to Espoo (a little over half year ago!), we had to get a lot of necessary furniture, like dining table and a couch. And we purchased a lot of those as new, since someone else was always faster than me, when I was after nice recycled ones. After we got all we needed, furnishing the house has been on a break. I guess I needed to breathe a little between running from store store looking for everything… But now I’m starting to feel like I would have the energy again to start finding what we want on top of those necessities we’ve already got.

I love the fact that our house is new, clean and feeling spacious, but still I wouldn’t mind adding some “old” to it. I mean, if a house is too clinical, it just doesn’t feel like a real home. And I found the perfect item to start my new decoration plans with, to bring in the good vibes: beautiful wooden chest! Just what I’ve been searching for.

I discovered it from a market place in the internet, and the seller said they had found it from her grandmother’s house. So it might actually be as old as it says in the front: from 1858. Now I just have to find something else in that blue-color, that the chest will match the rest of our apartment… 😉

IMG_3776 IMG_3782 IMG_3790 IMG_3792 IMG_3771


Me Time


Spending some quality time by myself relaxing with a cup of chai tea on my favorite spot: the bed. IMG_5456

Almost forgot my new best friend, thesis, for a moment there. Oh crap, it seems to be really the clinging sort… And like it just can’t let go of me! My evening will be spent closely with it and the text editor. Hope you’re having better company for Valentine’s Day!


Maybe I’ll survive, knowing tomorrow I’ll get my mind of things. I’ll be heading to Helsinki first time after last summer (!) to spend some time with the super-duper K. Maybe we even come up with some new adventure plans… 😉 Can’t wait!

IMG_5482 IMG_5477 IMG_5469

Black & White

I’m a color-person. Or more like, a color-phase kind of person. I always get carried away by one particular color for an undetermined period of time, and during that time almost everything has to be in that color: clothes, electronics, home. And by color I’ve meant anything but black and white: red, pink, green, blue, yellow and so on — until now. Because apparently now, I have a black and white -phase with a grayscale attached. Don’t you think?




IMG_5038 IMG_5043-tile IMG_5045

IMG_4884 IMG_5060

I don’t know if this black & white -phase is called growing up, becoming boring or having a good taste, but at the moment I like it. We’ll see how long it lasts… 🙂

Home Details

IMG_4553Finally, I can break the blog-silence. One and a half weeks in our new home and got internet connection no earlier than today… Well, for the first time in five and a half years (!) I have TV so I’ve had no trouble passing the time.

There is still a lot to do to get everything in place, but it starts to feel like us already. Just amazed that the two-room apartment that first felt so spacious after one-room one, is filling up with stuff so quickly…

Here’s some details from my our new kingdom. As you might notice, lot of old stuff from our former apartment, but lot of new things too.

IMG_4562 IMG_4566 IMG_4568 IMG_4576 IMG_4579 IMG_4584 IMG_4550


This is it, the beginning of the end! Haha, well maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but this is the weekend I’ll have to start wrapping up my life in this apartment that has been base for all the travels and all the things I’ve done in over 4 and a half years. Next Friday this time I’m already picking up the keys to our new place and getting my muscles ready for some serious box-lifting.

I will miss this place, it’s in the center of everything and has all these memories… It’s a home.

But after J living here for two years too, I think it’s about time to double the space… How did we survive this long in a small studio without tearing eyes off of each other? It’s a mystery even for me. Can’t image how it feels to have two rooms. We can be at home, but don’t have to be in the same room all the time. 🙂

It’ll be our first unbiased rental flat. J says that the decor can’t be so girly there, as it has been here since I lived here first… I don’t know what is he talking about? 😀koti2


koti3IMG_4426 IMG_4428-tile IMG_4432