Blogger’s Block

RU6A1798I’ve felt completely out of ideas with my blog lately. And to tell you the truth, I haven’t really even had the time to worry about it. I had forgotten how energy consuming starting a new job might be. I just needed to focus all the brain functioning I have towards that. But now a little over two weeks down at the new place, so we’re already on the winning side. 🙂 And I guess if I want to work in this more and more volatile media field, I better get used to this uncertainty and changes.

The days are also getting longer as we speak, so I’m sure the extra light won’t do any harm to my energy levels…  Maybe soon my head is filled with different ideas for travels and photo projects again. Any day now. 🙂RU6A1803


The Lazy Days Are Over

RU6A1681…Before they even really began. I’m stunned how quickly everything turned out to be ok, how fast I’m a worker again.

I was prepared for the endless days of filling job applications, getting used to the idea of being rejected all the time, counting my money and figuring cheap recipes I could try, thinking about thousands of ways I could spend my time during the long days of nothing to do, and how those days would turn into months. But I guess I got something right in my applications and before I really even had the time to think of all of that, here I am, with a new job starting tomorrow! And not just any job, a job in an international, huge company that I have always hoped would be part of my career path. I can’t be anything else than thankful and happy right now. Hope it will be as much fun as I have imagined it will!

And one lucky chihuahua will get his daily routine back too, naps without stupid human disturbing! 😉RU6A1702RU6A1687


What Next?

RU6A1440I don’t have a definite answer for that question that everybody keeps asking me right now. I feel like the Christmas coming up in five days is the only thing I know for sure. The reason people keep asking me ‘what next’ is that in four days, I’ve had my last day in my current work — at least for now. Did one year go fast or what?

And even though work shouldn’t be the most important thing in life, it (or the lack of it) has nevertheless a pretty big influence on one’s life. Because of that, part of me is nervous about what will I do, will I find something nice to do and if I’ll enjoy it as much as I did enjoy working this year? But then again part of me is thrilled about all the possibilities I might encounter. Anything could happen.


What ever I’ll do, first I’ll just take a deep breath. Enjoy the last three days at work and then the holidays. I even bought an over-the-top glitter-rose for the season to brighten up the house. Hope my future will be as sparkly. 🙂


The Other Side

IMG_3961Before I start sharing my holiday memories from Kos in my blog, I have to note that Greece and especially Kos isn’t all fun and games for everybody… I was privileged to be there on a holiday and not on a leg of a long and hard journey, that is probably also a matter of life and death to many.

I really don’t have words for the “refugee issue” right now, so I’m telling about it the only way I know how: through pictures.

kos_1IMG_3984_edited IMG_4264 IMG_4328_edited IMG_4343_edited_edited IMG_4285_editedIMG_3965

Walk With Me

IMG_2740The inside of my home has flashed on the blog for several times already, but not the outside. I took the camera with me for a small stroll with my dog U, so you could get an insight of the area.

I was just thinking how much I like living in here! I had almost forgotten how relaxing it is, just to be able to step out of your home, almost right in the middle of nature. The forest is just around the corner and you can hear the birds sing. Of course living here means I have to commute to work a little bit longer (one thing I swore I would never want to do again once I moved out of my parent’s house… seems like opinions change. :)) and that the nearest grocery store isn’t exactly near. But right now, I’m willing to sacrifise those for the peaceful feeling I get here.  So surprisingly, I’m really not missing the concrete bunkers or life down town at all.

These pictures are from one of mine and U’s usual walking path at the moment. Right now I don’t take U that much deep into the forest because I heard there’s a lot of snakes (we already saw one too!). So this route goes through residential areas, but it’s pretty verdant too…IMG_2695 IMG_2700 IMG_2705 IMG_2708 IMG_2713 IMG_2715 IMG_2722 IMG_2728 IMG_2748 IMG_2738 IMG_2782IMG_2749 IMG_2758 IMG_2760 IMG_2765 IMG_2767 IMG_2773

Last stop: home.

Last one: home.