Out With The Old, In With The New

I would have so much to write about; to sum the past year (you know graduating, buying a car and a house, getting engaged, that small stuff), to tell about moving and the new house, life in Espoo and so on. But it’s kinda hard, since we don’t have an internet connection at home yet. Hopefully soon. Now I’m writing with my cell phones connection, which isn’t too fast around here either…

Funny, besides the missing internet, also the new environment makes me feel like I’m abroad all the time. I need a navigator to find places, I’m scared of how I know to get off of a bus on the right stop, and I get stuck in the grocery store just looking for the right products and figuring out the new products compared to stores in Tampere. And it’s weird because I’ve lived in Helsinki for three summers already, but maybe it’s different now because it’s for an undefined time, might even be for my “forever”.

Well, let’s hope the internet cable gets connected to this brand new house next week… Maybe then I could even have some pictures to show. 🙂


Home is where…?

IMG_8817I’ve been  thinking about the concept of home a lot lately. Is it a nice house, a state of mind or is it built by the people (and pets ;)) that live with you? What makes home home?

The reason I’ve been thinking this is because, well, I’m moving to Helsinki to the capital city area in the end of December — for good, or at least for now! And today, we made an offer for a house, so I don’t know what to think or how to be…!

They say home is where you’re heart is, but how can we then guarantee that the house we are buying will feel like home? Does your heart always follow, when you move? Deep, I know. 🙂 Just some thoughts I’ve been thinking lately. It is just a curious thing for me, that I’ve been building my life first in Turku, then in Tampere for over six years already, and now it’s time for something totally different again. It’s very exciting, fascinating and scary at the same time! But I want to believe these kind of changes are always only for the better.

This is my home, my neighborhood now. But only for the next two months anymore…

IMG_8803 IMG_8802 IMG_8799 IMG_8829 IMG_8820 IMG_8816 IMG_8815 IMG_8811 IMG_8809


This is it, the beginning of the end! Haha, well maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but this is the weekend I’ll have to start wrapping up my life in this apartment that has been base for all the travels and all the things I’ve done in over 4 and a half years. Next Friday this time I’m already picking up the keys to our new place and getting my muscles ready for some serious box-lifting.

I will miss this place, it’s in the center of everything and has all these memories… It’s a home.

But after J living here for two years too, I think it’s about time to double the space… How did we survive this long in a small studio without tearing eyes off of each other? It’s a mystery even for me. Can’t image how it feels to have two rooms. We can be at home, but don’t have to be in the same room all the time. 🙂

It’ll be our first unbiased rental flat. J says that the decor can’t be so girly there, as it has been here since I lived here first… I don’t know what is he talking about? 😀koti2


koti3IMG_4426 IMG_4428-tile IMG_4432

End of an Era

This week has been about Tampere, about packing and moving, about goodbyes and new phases. Today Urho took off to Turku to his summer home with my parents. One of my best friends also had the same direction, this time for good. To do my bit in this chaos of separation, I’ll move to Helsinki tomorrow.

Feels like some sort of transition-time is on, there are a lot of changes in the air since summer-jobs start and graduation from university begins to really seem like reality maybe even with in a year. And then “real life” should kick in. Scary and exciting at the same time!

But first I’ll worry about surviving another summer as a photo editor and staying in the swim of current events and celebrity gossip in a brisk and busy news room. Hope you’re ready for me, Helsinki! 😉

This weeks snapshots

This weeks snapshots

Moving Anxiety

This is the week. This is the week that I move to Helsinki and my summer job starts. So this is the week that summer starts for real.

I’m nervous about moving and I’m nervous about my first day at work. Well, it’s only the second biggest newspaper in Finland. Big deal. Only like 700 000 people will see the outcome if I screw up. No reason to be nervous, right? Anyway, working is what I want to do now. It’s much more fun than studying and you get paid for it! So on the other hand I’m really excited. I just wouldn’t want go through the trouble of having to move AGAIN away for the summer. I hate picking up all my things and stuffing them to bags and boxes (see, I’m avoiding that right now by writing this). The worst part is dragging the bags to the new place. That should be counted as an Olympic-level sports performance.

I’ve just started to feel like home here again. Had the best day yesterday with my girlfriends. And mine and J’s small apartment finally starts to look nice (maybe my eyes just are getting used to all the junk). Feels bad to leave all of that behind for three months. I took pics of my favorite details in our home to relieve leaving and homesickness.

My newest interior design find: wall stickers from Maisons de Monde, Nice.

My flea market finds: pillow with the pink pattern and chair upholstered by my mom. The wall is covered with cards with a few of my favorite phrases.

Yay for jewelry trees. Life would be so hard without them, I would just lost all my earrings on the bottom of drawers etc.

The cutest lamp and wine bottles from Romania. It’s good J is colorblind so he doesn’t care about the colors that prevail in our home. 😉