Raindrops & Stars

RU6A1614My blog has been quiet due to my busy schedule. Who would have thought being unemployed is more hectic than working-life? I have been lucky enough to get many shifts at work so it’s a soft landing in unemployment. The situation is about to change in a week or so. Then I’ll probably have a lot of freetime for real.

I just wanted to come by and share some pictures from Christmas Day, when it had rained but the sun came out just before sunset. The raindrops in the window looked like small stars in the sunlight. So pretty!

Actually, nature has been really beautiful lately on many occasions. I mean some how extremely, more than usual -beautiful. Sometimes I just have to stop and think how amazing some natural phenomenons are. Like the steaming sea in sunlight, surrounded by land covered in snow – just magical! Too bad I haven’t had my camera with me to testify all that, but I guess some moments stick to your mind even without a picture to remember them by… RU6A1654RU6A1620RU6A1641RU6A1612RU6A1650RU6A1610RU6A1626RU6A1633



IMG_3802Nature photographer N is on fire again, haha! 😀 Our neighborhood has a lot of snakes, and I’ve seen a few this summer. Usually I’ve seen them on a walk in the forest and wished I had a camera with me (or they have been too fast for the camera in my cell…). So I got “lucky” last Saturday, when a viper was sunbathing in my parent’s garden and my camera happened to be close enough.

I really don’t like snakes, though. I’m kind of (beyond measure) scared of them, or more of the fact that they could be quite dangerous to my chihuahua! But they got something spectacular to them nevertheless. Or what do you think?

IMG_3796 IMG_3798 IMG_3799

I’m glad I got the picture I’ve been wanting to catch, but I still wish I’ve had a longer lens, so they could have turned out better… I didn’t wanna risk being on the biting-range. 😉

Walk With Me

IMG_2740The inside of my home has flashed on the blog for several times already, but not the outside. I took the camera with me for a small stroll with my dog U, so you could get an insight of the area.

I was just thinking how much I like living in here! I had almost forgotten how relaxing it is, just to be able to step out of your home, almost right in the middle of nature. The forest is just around the corner and you can hear the birds sing. Of course living here means I have to commute to work a little bit longer (one thing I swore I would never want to do again once I moved out of my parent’s house… seems like opinions change. :)) and that the nearest grocery store isn’t exactly near. But right now, I’m willing to sacrifise those for the peaceful feeling I get here.  So surprisingly, I’m really not missing the concrete bunkers or life down town at all.

These pictures are from one of mine and U’s usual walking path at the moment. Right now I don’t take U that much deep into the forest because I heard there’s a lot of snakes (we already saw one too!). So this route goes through residential areas, but it’s pretty verdant too…IMG_2695 IMG_2700 IMG_2705 IMG_2708 IMG_2713 IMG_2715 IMG_2722 IMG_2728 IMG_2748 IMG_2738 IMG_2782IMG_2749 IMG_2758 IMG_2760 IMG_2765 IMG_2767 IMG_2773

Last stop: home.

Last one: home.

Snow & Traditions

IMG_1463I’m back at Tampere, right on schedule in getting a panic attack for being too stressed out about moving. 😀 Well, still three whole days to get everything into boxes and make the apartment shining and clean! It’s enough, right? I mean, a two-room apartment can only have certain amount of stuff…

But first, as I like to avoid packing obligations, let’s devote a minute (and a few pictures) at looking back how relaxing Christmas was… Yes, all the chocolate, Christmas sauna, food and sleeping should be enough for me to make it through moving and all the way to next year.

We had a white Christmas after all! ❤IMG_1633 IMG_1568

IMG_1443 IMG_1462 IMG_1620IMG_1468 IMG_1471 IMG_1493 IMG_1623IMG_1500 IMG_1598IMG_1525 IMG_1529 IMG_1546 IMG_1594 IMG_1636 IMG_1656IMG_1432

Central Park

IMG_0138One of my favorite places in New York? Definitely Central Park.

Sort of funny, if you like nature, animals and parks, New York isn’t the first destination that pops up into your mind. But that’s one of the reasons Central Park is somehow so magical, it’s a beautiful oasis inside a swarming megalopolis (and the locals seem to enjoy it too). Also, I’ve always been in love with “hidden” paths and romantic bridges…

The trees still had leaves when we were visiting New York, so the blaze of colors was pretty fantastic.

IMG_0745 IMG_0713 IMG_0710 IMG_0705 IMG_0694 IMG_0274 IMG_0167 IMG_0157 IMG_0142 IMG_0132 IMG_0110 IMG_0122 IMG_0103 IMG_0100 IMG_0080 IMG_0074 IMG_0049IMG_0711IMG_0116