Traveling with man’s best friend?

ru6a9608Being a dog owner will inevitably affect traveling. During the four years I have had my chihuahua, I’ve been able to travel because I know he’ll be in good care when I’m gone. It just needs more organizing. Always before booking flights or making plans, I have to make sure he will be taken care of. But of course it has also crossed my mind several times, that could I take my dog with?

While I was in South Africa my chihu got really sick, and I felt bad not being able to be with him. But would it have been better for him to be in a very different country, get through long stressful flights and be vulnerable to all the strange diseases and bacteria? I don’t think so. Not to mention that dogs can’t be taken to many places (museums, sights, some restaurants?), which brings more challenge to traveling. So combining traveling and pets isn’t easy, and it’s important to think all the pros and cons, what’s best for your pet? Because it should be always put first.

Anyway, I think that maybe some kind of trips with dogs could be done. And at it’s best I believe a holiday with a pet could be amazing. So next Friday, me and my dog U venture to our first trip abroad together – as far as Sweden. 😀 Sweden is close to Finland, easily accessible and I know Stockholm very well, that’s where we will spend a week. I’m only stressed about how will U react to traveling with a boat? With a private cabin it shouldn’t be too hard as long as the sea stays calm? Another thing is, that we have to visit the vet in Stockholm, to get the tapeworm treatment as Sweden has tapeworms and Finland doesn’t. I’m always nervous about how U will react to different medicine, but it shouldn’t be too dangerous, right?

Anyone here with experience on traveling with a dog? What should you take into consideration when traveling with a pet? Do you think it’s better to leave your dog at home or take him with you?ru6a9638ru6a9614

You can follow U’s adventures on his Instagram account.


“Try to be like the turtle — at ease in your own shell”

IMG_8358I’ve posted pictures of my dog a thousand times, but my family has also other pets that are easily left out of the limelight — turtles.

I saw a post on facebook today from an animal welfare group in Helsinki, and it told that two red ear turtles were looking for a new home. It’s a familiar story. Turtles end up being abandoned way too often. Maybe because they are misunderstood, people don’t know what they are getting themselves into when they get a turtle as a pet. Turtles are good pets, but only for the right owners. IMG_8348

Turtles are not as social as dogs, they can’t be pet like a cat, but still they need to be taken care of. Feeding them a couple of times a week doesn’t sound too bad but cleaning the aquarium is a different story. But they are fun to watch, interesting and cute in their own way.

My family took turtles when I was about 5 years old. I wanted a dog and my parents tried to take the easy way out. Now the turtles (that are living at my parents house), Emma and Vippis, are already over twenty years old and will probably live at least another twenty. They don’t get as much as attention as my chihuahua and they aren’t warm and fuzzy. But still, I’m always happy they are there. I hope other turtle owners would be too, so less pet turtles would end up in the nature on their own, where they barely have any chances (at least in this cold Finland)…

I took these picture last summer when Emma and Vippis were outing.

IMG_8359 IMG_8354




Our dog U has been a convalescent this week. He had cryptorchidism so he had to be castrated. I was prepared for a sad and tired puppy for several days. But the hardest part in his recovery has been keeping him calm enough, so his stitches won’t rip.urhooo1

The second hardest thing is preventing him from licking the wound. We got a plastic collar from the vet, but this mister wasn’t pleased with it. The first thing he did after waking up from anesthesia was to paw at the collar and try to make it disappear. Thankfully they make these “wound overalls” nowadays that dogs can wear that cover the wounds. Of course I wanted one.IMG_6307


U has to wear it at least 10 days, so of course I needed an extra piece so I could wash the original once in a while (this dog tends to get everything messy…). So I found a baby’s body from the flea market, just his size. 😀




IMG_6517Now we just have to make sure we won’t barge into the chihuahua-girl next door in 10 days with this outfit. It would totally wreck U’s cool image and bad boy charm. 😉