P1040432Spend a week in hot and beautiful Montenegro in the beginning of August. Besides driving on the mountain roads, it was a nice and relaxing week. The heat made me stay by the pool or by the sea a lot, so I couldn’t get too carried away with sightseeing (like I maybe sometimes do…). If you have been to Croatia, there’s no that particular “wow-factor” but the views are still breathtaking.





Sveti Stefan


Tara Canyon



Durmitor National Park – Black lake









Traveling with the Dog – Stockholm Edition

P1020994So how was it – traveling with man’s best friend? Well, I got to say I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think my chihuahua will be a world traveler anytime soon. 😀

I decided to list some pros and cons I discovered during our week in Stockholm. I guess the most important thing in traveling with your pet is that your pet is social and fine with the situations. But after this trip, I guess it all might be a bit too much for mine.


Let’s start with pros:

+ You won’t miss you your dog, because he’s with you!

+ You get different experiences when you have to think your trip the dog friendly way

+ It might be easier to get contact to locals as you have a dog as ice breaker


…And the cons:

-It’s stressful and more work: customs, vaccinations, dog might be stressed…? Even when you want to get a taxi you have to make sure dogs are allowed.

-Is the apartment/hotel/cabin dog friendly? You might have to start your vacation cleaning the place so your four legged friend won’t get anything suspicious to eat/chew!

-It costs more money: You might have to pay ticket for your dog too or get a vaccination/medication before/during the trip, like we did.


Also summer time would be better to travel with a dog – then you can just hang out outside too!

Travel Cam

P1000029I like to travel through pictures, witch means that I often want to go to destinations that I have seen great pictures of. And of course photographing is one my favorite things to do when traveling – obviously!

But my DSLR isn’t always the best travel companion, because it’s so heavy to carry. In Tallinn I missed a lot of photo opportunities, just because I was too tired to grab the camera from my back bag… Not to mention how I have to worry that it might be stolen! Still, I don’t want to compromise with the quality of my travel photos, some crappy cell phone shots will not do! As I have some wedding gigs approaching too, I also started thinking what’s my back up, if there’s any trouble with my equipment…

After I saw a good deal in a photography shop, the solution to both of these problem was clear = mini-SLR!  I’m love. ❤

So on Sunday, my new Lumix DMC-GM1  with a 12-32mm lens will fly with me to Croatia instead of my Canon 7D Mark II. All the pictures in this post are taken with the new camera. So I’m sure, it will do just fine in Croatia too. 🙂





IMG_4675I don’t know if trips to Turkey can now really be recommended because of some riots that have happened recently, but at least still a month a ago a day trip from Kos to Bodrum in Turkey was pretty nice and easy to carry out. I wanted to go to Turkey to for the bazaars (and to see if my memories of the country are still true, I’ve been there when I was maybe eight?).

There really is a lot to buy for a cheap price, but unfortunately almost everything was fake and the quality didn’t seem to be the best. For example, I would have wanted a new purse, but didn’t feel like buying a one with a poorly made “Mikael Kors” sign… Apart from that, Bodrum seemed really charming.

IMG_4785 IMG_4562IMG_4781IMG_4695IMG_4591 IMG_4617 IMG_4658 IMG_4699 IMG_4707 IMG_4738 IMG_4746

Ready to Go

The day we have been waiting for with my mom for close to 6 months is almost here. On Wednesday we fly off to Reykjavik, and continue from there on Sunday to New York! I’m so excited. I don’t even know if I’m more excited about the geysers and (possibly) horseback riding in Iceland, or Broadway shows, shopping, eating and sightseeing in New York.

I’ll be packing my new cell phone along for the ride. My old nokia was good while it lasted, but it started to monkey around a bit too often. Well, I guess almost three years is already a proper age for a smartphone? With the new phone I got some new apps too, since my old N9 wasn’t the most co-operative kind… I joined Instagram, and added it to the sidebar of the main page of my blog too. So once I get the hang of it, I’ll probably update more incidents from the trip there, than I have time to post on the blog.IMG_8837

Before the trip there’s still a few things to take care of too, though. Thankfully I’m already on vacation from work, so I will have time to check things out from the to-do-list. On Monday, we drive to Helsinki with J to sign the papers on our very first house of our own! So from Monday on, we will be homeowners and mortgage holders. And moving away from Tampere starts to feel more and more real every minute… Scary, wonderful and thrilling at the same time. I think it’s a good thing to get a vacation to digest all of this.IMG_8836 IMG_8834