Ciao Bella!

P1030138In the second week of May me and mom headed to Italy as her birthday present. The main destination was the hub of renaissance art Florence, but we made excursions to Cinque Terre and Pisa too, and spent two nights in Rome. What a week.

Here are some highlights. The week included lots of beautiful art, towers and of course gelato. I had my small travel cam with me, and oh what joy it brings that I don’t have to carry that heavy SLR of mine. Though I sometimes get frustrated because it’s not as good as my real camera, but as we ended up walking over 10 kilometres every day, the small and light travel camera was for sure the right choice to take along.

My blog posts are kind of rare nowadays, as work and all my other hobbies take up most of the time. So I’d like to post more about Italy later but I can’t promise anything. Another posting topics should be coming up later in the summer too, as I have already booked my next trip for the beginning of August… 😉



The Cape

ru6a0511Easiest way to get around South Africa is by car, but as we didn’t want to rent one, we had to figure other ways to move around. Luckily taxes are relatively cheap and one day we took a taxi to Boulder’s Beach (more about those penguins in a later post), Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.

We visited Cape Point before Cape of Good Hope, and I must say that it was so impressive, that Cape of Good Hope didn’t feel like much after that. I don’t how to describe it, but the view was somehow magical. But don’t get me wrong, as a schoolchild I was intrigued by all the famous explorers, so it was also nice to see the Cape of Good Hope and stand by the seas even Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama have sailed.

Oh, and seeing Ostrich and Baboons is a nice plus when you visit the Cape. The pictures are in the order we visited the places, first Cape Point then Cape of Good Hope.



Table Mountain

ru6a0230Table Mountain is definitely that cherry on top of Cape Town’s beauty. It plays a big part in forming the City Bowl (as they call it) with Signal Hill and Lion’s Head, and it makes the views in the city so much more spectacular. I also like how the mountain looks so different in different weather…

After reading a couple of blog posts about hiking to the top of the Table Mountain, we were actually going to do it – sounded pretty easy and fun. But as I researched it more and more, I realized it’s better to leave the hiking for pros… It turns out, the weather can change in seconds making the path dangerous. And even it would be sunny, the heat would be a lot to take for a Finn. I learned that more people die at Table Mountain in a year than on Mount Everest! Most likely because they underestimate the climb or aren’t well prepared. So even though you might have to stand in line for some time to get to the cable car, I really recommend it instead of hiking if you really don’t know what you are doing.

But we did hike around the top: to the highest point Maclear’s Beacon and back. And in that heat even that was enough. The hike isn’t that long, but as we stopped for photos all the time, for us it took over 2 hours to go around and get back to the cableway.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, the views were really something! ru6a9971ru6a9995



Dubrovnik – at last!

Oops, I haven’t really been up in the blog for over a month and more accurate post about Croatia are nowhere to be seen – sorry! In August I had two wedding gigs as a photographer and photographing and editing the pictures have taken all my spare time. As much as I enjoy photographing weddings it’s not always easy to work 20 hours on top of the normal 40 hour work week…

I’m quite happy with how some of the wedding portraits turned out, so I hope I get them in the blog at some point too. But before that, since I haven’t had time to write more detailed posts about Croatia, here’s a quick photo diary from our first pit-stop: Dubrovnik.

Oh and even I’ve been busy working lately, I promise it will pay off. I’m working hard now, so that the last two weeks of October I can concentrate on enjoying life in SOUTH AFRICA! So stay tuned for more travel pictures at least by then. 😉


Lovely Croatia

P1000355It’s hard to even describe how amazing Croatia was (and that little piece of Bosnia we saw)! I have some busy weeks a head, but I’ll try to get back with some more accurate post about the places we visited… Our route was more or less this: Dubrovnik-Mostar-Zadar-Plitvice-Zadar-Plat(Dubrovnik) and from Plat we also did a quick visit to Cavtat. A lot of driving, but totally worth every kilometre.

Here’s a sneak peak…