Carnival of Lights

IMG_5321Linnanmäki, an amusement park in Helsinki, has arranged “Valokarnevaalit” (Carnival of Lights) for 10 years now. It means the park has opened some of it’s rides for a week outside the main season, and the park has been decorated with different lights. It’s a nice idea in the middle of darkening autumn.

As I’m a fan of amusements parks, I’ve always wanted to go, but I’ve never lived in the capital city area before at this time of the year! This week I finally got my chance.

I was waiting for the carnival because of the atmosphere but also because I though it would be great for photography. Photographing there was a bit frustrating for me though; I should have brought a stand for the camera with me and I should have had a better camera to begin with! I’ve been considering getting a new camera for quite some time already, but maybe now it really starts to be the time to get the wheels rolling… As much as I like my 50D, I’m starting to feel like development has driven past it.IMG_5456 IMG_5343 IMG_5327IMG_5355 IMG_5391 IMG_5394 IMG_5419 IMG_5427 IMG_5431IMG_5332


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