Somehow we managed to get a small holiday off from work at the same time with J. So we decided to make a Tallinn-trip which we had been thinking for a while now. I found a four-star hotel with a pool and breakfast in reasonable price and everything was set to go. This was my first “long weekend” this summer (three days off from work!) so I really needed some relaxing-time already. I haven’t really liked Tallinn before, it’s been somehow… well, boring. But now that the main focus was on slowing down, I felt I didn’t have  time to do half of the things I wanted in three days! Could go back in a second.

View from our hotel, Nordic Forum.

View from our hotel, Nordic Forum.

Old Patarei prison, creepy that it has been in use until 2002...

Old Patarei prison, creepy that it has been in use until 2002…


Walking around in Kalamaja-area.

Walking around in Kalamaja-area.

"Beach life" behind Patarei.

“Beach life” behind Patarei.

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Snack time!

Snack time!


Sunset from our hotel room window.

Sunset from our hotel room window.

Now off to work with new energy!



My gorgeous cousin S, the youngest of our family, had her confirmation this past Sunday and I was the photographer of the celebration. We’ll see if any of my pictures are satisfying enough for her polished and demanding taste. I can’t wait to get through all the pictures, if I only had time from work… She looked fantastic! Here’s some quickly put together samples:

IMG_0797IMG_0776-horz-vert IMG_0940

IMG_1003_1 IMG_0963 IMG_1020

A Day With Me

During the summer I don’t really see people as much as normally. There’s always something somewhere, and everybody is sprinkled around Finland so it’s not possible to have lunch or get-togethers on a daily basis. So I decided to shed some light on a normal day in my life, nothing special, just to keep you up with how I’m mostly spending my time this summer… Days go by so fast!











The Nature of Lif… Light.

I’ve haven’t been in the mood for blogging lately, since life has been sort of bedlam with work and everything that has been going on. And I guess sometimes it’s okay to be selfish and take time just for your self too. But yesterday morning, it was so pretty and light outside, today I had to take my camera with me for the morning walk. I captured a pretty flower, opening it’s buds for the day between all the cement houses, and just seeing it made me happy. There it was, negligently, the only color spot in the grey neighborhood and still just where it was supposed to be. I should wake up this early more often to see things like that! The flower will probably be gone soon, but I saw it and perpetuated it with my camera.

Just trying to make use of the same principle in life; even it’s inevitable that we lose important people and things during our lives, I just wish that besides mourning the loss I’d remember to be thankful that we had them in the first place and be happy they were part of our lives… Cherishing the memory and experiences we had.


Dedicated for my friend and an American father figure Tom, who passed way a week ago.

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My company for the morning stroll.

My company for the morning stroll.