Warning — a short syrupy post coming up!

This week it has been 4 years since J and I started dating and one year since one certain chihuahua moved in. I don’t mind my own company, but life has worked out pretty good with those two too. 😉

One lucky girl here. ❤

IMG_5072 IMG_5287


Housewarming Party

IMG_5322Some details from our last nights housewarming party, mostly food pictures that is!

I love baking so making some feta-spinach pie, Daim-cupcakes and cheesecake brownies for the night was a pleasant task. They turned out pretty good, even if I say so myself. 😛 And now our new home is officially warmed up! Thanks to everyone who participated in the celebration!


IMG_5327 IMG_5329 IMG_5332 IMG_5333 IMG_5335 IMG_5339

The Beauty in the Cold

The past days have been freezing — like really freezing — in Finland. I’m talking about at least 15 celsius degrees frigidity. Part of me loves the weather; with the sunshine (for the two hours we get it everyday…) it’s so beautiful. If it wasn’t that cold, I could just stand outside and stare at the snow-covered trees and plants for ages.

One day I had to defy the frost for a couple of minutes and I walked few minutes with my camera by the shore of the lake and the beginning of a small stream that’s right behind our house. So pretty! We’ve been getting some cool halo-effects in the dark too.

Sometimes there’s just no place like Finland…

IMG_5112 IMG_5126 IMG_5183 IMG_5186 IMG_5202 IMG_5204 Poor ducks, how do they survive?IMG_5216 IMG_5231IMG_5128


Light show from our balcony. Too bad I could get a better picture, it was too cold to stand outside and try.



Black & White

I’m a color-person. Or more like, a color-phase kind of person. I always get carried away by one particular color for an undetermined period of time, and during that time almost everything has to be in that color: clothes, electronics, home. And by color I’ve meant anything but black and white: red, pink, green, blue, yellow and so on — until now. Because apparently now, I have a black and white -phase with a grayscale attached. Don’t you think?




IMG_5038 IMG_5043-tile IMG_5045

IMG_4884 IMG_5060

I don’t know if this black & white -phase is called growing up, becoming boring or having a good taste, but at the moment I like it. We’ll see how long it lasts… 🙂

Sunday Readings

Sunday, what a great day to have a break from thesis-theory books, and read about traveling. Without no sure or any yet arranged travel plans for this year, my travel fever is starting to burn stronger and stronger. I’m getting myself too many bright ideas from The New York Times article: 52 Places to Go in 2014. Hmmm, I’d be happy even for one out of those 52 for this year (maybe even a rerun with one of those, that I’ve checked earlier, would do…)!

Dalai Lama is a wise man, and as he would say: “Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before.” We should listen to him, right?