Hotel Hunting

P1010962As I implied in the Mother’s Day post, my next “bigger” travel destination will be New York! And the trip includes a four day stop-over in Reykjavik too, which is a completely new destination for me!

I’ll have to be patient though, the trip won’t happen until November. Some people have judged the traveling time, who would want to be in New York when it’s cold? Well, I do! I’ve been in New York once in summer, so now it’s kind of cool the see the winter and Christmas magic of the Big Apple. Plus, what better time to shop for Christmas presents? And after all I’m traveling from Finland, so it can’t be worse. 😀

Anyway, it’s a long time to go yet, but this week it started to feel a bit real already, since we have been hotel hunting — with good results. Now we have everything booked for New York and Reykjavik, so what is left to do, is just waiting for the takeoff…for months…. Oh, it will be a long wait!

The trip is my parents graduation gift for me, so I’ll be traveling with mom. I think we’ve never been out of Finland just the two of us and it’s my moms first visit to the US. Exciting!

These pictures are from my first visit to NYC in 2008. It was just a couple of weeks before I heard that I was accepted to study photojournalism in the university. Little did I know about photography and about what was ahead, and now I’m a master of photojournalism! I hope the pictures will turn out at least slightly better this time. 😉

P1010963 P1020046 P1010907 P1010876 P1010861 P1010825 P1010823



Fresh master.

One happy master.

Some snaps from my graduation festivities. Didn’t use camera too much though, but at least I got the cake perpetuated. First there was a celebration at the university for all masters that graduated from there this spring, then the next day we had a small feast at home.

It was great to spend time with family and relatives, we don’t really see each others too often. So special thanks to mom for making it happen and organizing everything (and for forcing me into having a party. ;)) Only relatives received an invitation to this one, so maybe I have to have a second party for friends too, hmmm….


After the celebration at university.

After a celebration at the university.

Party lights

Party lights


Outfit for the party at home.

Outfit for the party at home.


Hair-do. Tried to add some flowers so it would feel like summer despite the bad weather.



Salmon and tzaziki squares for starters, nam!

Salmon and tzaziki squares for starters, nam!

U wore a bow tie.

U wore a bow tie.



The cake.

The cake.


All the pictures that I’m in are taken by J.

Friends for Summer


Just in case anyone thinks I’m posting too much about dogs, I decided to change the subject. 😉 For this summer, I’m sharing my apartment with this fellow:IMG_7000

IMG_6988We became familiar with each other quickly, he likes to spend time in my room, especially in my bed. My dog just isn’t quite as excited about this new acquaintance as I am. 😀



After The Rain

IMG_6871Yesterday was my last day at Tampere (for now), and it was rainy. The rain paused for a while, so I decided to walk one of our favorite routes with U once more before new summer adventures. Towards the end of the walk it started to rain again, so I had to tuck my camera into my backpack. But I was happy about the few sunbeams and the fresh after-the-rain-air we had managed to enjoy for a fine moment. Now I’m watching a multi-storey building out of my window in Helsinki. Far from U and far from J. It’s summer now.IMG_6876 IMG_6890 IMG_6895IMG_6864IMG_6900 IMG_6902 IMG_6906 IMG_6930IMG_6855-horzIMG_6938 IMG_6941 IMG_6956 IMG_6977 IMG_6848