The Lazy Days Are Over

RU6A1681…Before they even really began. I’m stunned how quickly everything turned out to be ok, how fast I’m a worker again.

I was prepared for the endless days of filling job applications, getting used to the idea of being rejected all the time, counting my money and figuring cheap recipes I could try, thinking about thousands of ways I could spend my time during the long days of nothing to do, and how those days would turn into months. But I guess I got something right in my applications and before I really even had the time to think of all of that, here I am, with a new job starting tomorrow! And not just any job, a job in an international, huge company that I have always hoped would be part of my career path. I can’t be anything else than thankful and happy right now. Hope it will be as much fun as I have imagined it will!

And one lucky chihuahua will get his daily routine back too, naps without stupid human disturbing! 😉RU6A1702RU6A1687



Raindrops & Stars

RU6A1614My blog has been quiet due to my busy schedule. Who would have thought being unemployed is more hectic than working-life? I have been lucky enough to get many shifts at work so it’s a soft landing in unemployment. The situation is about to change in a week or so. Then I’ll probably have a lot of freetime for real.

I just wanted to come by and share some pictures from Christmas Day, when it had rained but the sun came out just before sunset. The raindrops in the window looked like small stars in the sunlight. So pretty!

Actually, nature has been really beautiful lately on many occasions. I mean some how extremely, more than usual -beautiful. Sometimes I just have to stop and think how amazing some natural phenomenons are. Like the steaming sea in sunlight, surrounded by land covered in snow – just magical! Too bad I haven’t had my camera with me to testify all that, but I guess some moments stick to your mind even without a picture to remember them by… RU6A1654RU6A1620RU6A1641RU6A1612RU6A1650RU6A1610RU6A1626RU6A1633