All That Jazz

IMG_7943kas – Kopio

Last weekend we headed to a jazz festival in Pori with my friend A. It wast the first visit to that festival for the both of us, and we were positively surprised. We didn’t know all the performers beforehand, but mostly the music and shows were awesome!

I also remembered how much fun camping is — or at least could be, with the right equipment (like with a soft cushion to sleep on and with a tent that is waterproof…). We had our camp in Yyteri, by a famous sand beach in Finland, about 20 kilometres from downtown Pori. So the next day we spend some time lying on the beach and swimming.

I didn’t check was it allowed to photograph the artists at the festival area, so I took more atmospheric photographs from our small trip.

Pori and Jazz street

Pori and Jazz street

IMG_7917kas – Kopio IMG_7930kas – Kopio

James Blunt concert.

James Blunt on stage.

IMG_7963kas – Kopio IMG_7964kasIMG_7979kas – Kopio

Our camp in Yyteri

Our camp in Yyteri

IMG_8048kas – KopioIMG_8025kas – Kopio





By the Sea

IMG_7794Yesterday I went to “summer theater” (or open-air theater) with my friends, to see Alice in Wonderland. The theater was located in Suomenlinna, beautiful island at the front of Helsinki. I’ve visited Suomenlinna usually for picnic, and it’s definitely one of my favorites in Helsinki. Boat trip there and back is part of that charm.

IMG_7797 IMG_7790 IMG_7880 IMG_7868 IMG_7864IMG_7807IMG_7857IMG_7850IMG_7848IMG_7825IMG_7820IMG_7811

In the Garden

IMG_7540Our chihu-U is currently spending his summer holiday at his “summer-house” — in other words at my parents place. He definitely enjoys the big yard out there! Well, I do too, when ever I visit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to run free, smell flowers and chase butterflies all the time? 😉

Taking pictures of the furry perpetual motion machine wasn’t too easy though, since there’s interesting bugs, noises, items or smells in the garden all the time…



IMG_7677-horz IMG_7561 IMG_7578 IMG_7580 IMG_7589 IMG_7597 IMG_7604 IMG_7656IMG_7614-horz IMG_7664IMG_7626 IMG_7650



IMG_7327It so happened, that K and I both had Monday off, so we decided to refresh our road-tripping skills and headed for a short visit to Porvoo. It’s only about half-hour drive from Helsinki, but still I’ve never been there before (or only when I was so little that I can’t remember it…).

The old town was really pretty. A perfect excursion destination during summer! I’m sure it’s even more homey, if the sun would shine… Hmm, maybe I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.IMG_7358 IMG_7481

IMG_7465 IMG_7462-tile IMG_7403 IMG_7364 IMG_7351-tile IMG_7344 IMG_7334 IMG_7323 IMG_7321 IMG_7318 IMG_7316-tile IMG_7306 IMG_7303 IMG_7300 IMG_7299 IMG_7295 IMG_7294 IMG_7500 IMG_7497