Wedding Bliss

ru6a7643In a world where even dream couples like Brangelina break up, it’s good to sometimes remind ourselves there’s also love. That’s what makes wedding photography so special, it captures that feeling – that moment of bliss.

Here’s some shots I did this summer.


Btw, if you need a photographer near Helsinki, I’m happy to take more of these. ๐Ÿ˜‰


End of Silence

The blog has been silent because I have been simply busy. Busy enjoying the grandeur of weather, pleasing job, love, life in general and so on. Oh, and busy buying my first car! But more about that in a different post perhaps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Besides my day-job I did one wedding gig, so in addition to the things mentioned above, editing photos has also taken a great share of my time… But shooting the wedding reminded me how great (and also partly how unbearable and hard :D) photographing and camera as an instrument can be. Someone asked me after I graduated if I regret what I studied. I wasn’t sure. But now I know I don’t, I rather do something I like love, something like photographing… Even if it means that I have to fight a bit (or a lot) harder and a bit longer to find jobs.

I hope I get to do a lot more of these in the future: capture cute couples on one of their most important days.

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Black & Gold

Yesterday we headed to J’s sister’s wedding to Helsinki. I’m glad that event-wise this year seems have a really good start compared to last falls downward spiral… Celebrating nuptials was also great because I got to bring into play my new fabulous finds from Nicaragua and the US (my dress was in danger to be buried in the closet to wait for summer and warmer days). Apart from few small accessories my outfit consisted of “souvenir” clothes. So here’s my small moment as a fashion blogger and yesterdays outfit:


Dress/Carrion/Nicaragua, jacket/Charlotte Russe/USA

Dress/Carrion/Nicaragua, jacket/Charlotte Russe/USA
Iih, it was cold outside. Don’t know how the fashion bloggers do this! ๐Ÿ˜€

Earrings/Charlotte Russe/USA

Earrings/Charlotte Russe/USA


IMG_8539 Studded ballerinas/Forever21/USA


Enjoying the serving with J.

IMG_8526Once more congrats to the happy couple R&H!


About Festivities and Romance

Now that I’ve survived Vappu (May Day), the biggest carnival event of the year when the whole nation (at least in Finland) goes (or acts) crazy, I figured I continue the celebration-theme here. So I started my career as a real wedding photographer a few weeks ago, and I must admit I enjoyed it. Just like when photographing the bachelorette-party last Winter it made me feel so good when other people were so happy and on the top of their world. Photographing a couple that stares each other in the eyes madly in love automatically turns the corners of my mouth upwards.

How could anyone not get happy when surrounding people look like this?

Not that I’m in that place myself, that I would even plan to get married yet, it just makes me happy to see others who have found each other and are really sure that they want to spent the rest of their lives together. (But if you’re ready to plan a wedding, here’s tips how an old factory had been turned into lovely and tasteful place for reception. ;))ย Ah, so romantic.

Yesterday, I continued being buried in romantic daydreams by watching Titanic. There has been fuzz about the 3D-version, but I don’t think the dimensions can bring that much more to it, so I just watched the original one at home. I mostly wanted to see, if my way of viewing things has changed, since it’s over 10 years I’ve last seen it. At least the movie experience was more emotional for me than last time I saw it, then I was only a pre-teenager. But seriously, I know history can’t be re-written, but why oh why couldn’t Jack be saved in the script too??? ๐Ÿ˜€

Here's the lucky bride and groom whose story did get a happy end. I don't wanna give too much away from the wedding pictures though, because even the couple hasn't probably seen them all yet...