Sun, Park & Photography

The other day I went to a park near-by with my friends to take pictures, just for fun. It was great since I haven’t really had a reason to take “pro-pictures” in a while and practice does never any harm to photography skills… So we went and had a blast. And I think the photos turned out pretty nice too. At least they are full of light, good feelings and brightness.

IMG_9583 IMG_9594 hilkkaa2 IMG_9717

I had to step on the other side of the lens too, thanks to A for filling in the photographer part.

I had to step on the other side of the lens too, thanks to A for filling in the photographer part.

In the end we also tried to get a cool jump-photo of all of us three with self-timer. Harder than you'd think and it shows in the results! :)

In the end we also tried to get a cool jump-photo of all of us three with self-timer. Harder than you’d think and it shows in the results! 🙂

Yay for summer, sun, friends and happy pictures!




…Are for holding on to.
– Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh knows everything.

Valentine’s Day went by yesterday as I was trying to fight against a flu. It’s good that there’s a reminder every year of the important persons in your life, but friends and loved ones should be remembered everyday, not just one day in a year. And lying on the couch, withstanding against the cold, I realized I don’t really mind missing out of celebrating Valentine’s (well, I wouldn’t have protested against getting a bouquet of flowers, J! ;)). Because it seems like it’s here all year around…

IMG_8783 IMG_8777 IMG_8770


Even I just said I don’t believe in the syrup-sentences once a year (this flu is probably softening me), thanks to all the lovely sweethearts for being in my life! You are special. ❤

Happy Stress-Free-Mas

Don’t I just love the sound of silence and the tiredness that gets to you when all is done. I just returned my last coursework for this semester, holiday season can finally begin! So maybe now on I just relax on the couch, visit the gym for the last time this year, watch the final (ever) episode of Gossip Girl and then tomorrow head to Turku to get some more rest.

It's looking like Christmas in here.

It’s looking like Christmas in here, hope the holiday spirit has wafted all the way to Turku too.

The only thing there is still to do, is to pack though. I need to pack for Turku and for Nicaragua (less than two weeks for the departure!) and then there’s the gifts Santa’s little helpers dropped by, that need to be carried under the Christmas tree… But I’ve decided, there’s no more vacancy in my head for stress this year, so I’ll  rather concentrate on the good things holidays offer: sleep, chocolate… and moments like this:


Happy Holiday Season you all! 🙂

Friday Brunch

Ah, Spring. It’s so innocent, lovely, warm and sunny when it comes and sometimes I can’t help but to smile. Until I remember the reality that comes with the summer that’s following just around the corner: friends are separated all over Finland (or in worst case over the world!) because of work etc. Today I still had the change to enjoy brunch with my friends. It was needed, since this has been a busy and stressful week for me, trying to get my first video ever made and photographing some studio assignments. Struggles with the video brought me new self-confidence with still-photography. Being so helpless in making video has made me realize I’m actually a pretty good still-photographer. I just should remember it when doing (and prizing!) gigs!

My friend K is in this Buzzador-campaign, so she got some tea-samples to "buzz" her friends with. We decided to have a brunch to taste them. Hope that K keeps having these great product samples later too! 😛

Hope we still have time for some springy get-together’s with the friends that are here.

Cream filled chocolate muffin, strawberries (!) and black bergamot tea enjoyed with friends. Could it get any better? ❤

Though, after next week I’m going back to my hometown to for three weeks (to work), then this semester is already almost over and summer jobs start. Seriously, should I already be saying ‘see you in September’ to people in Tampere? Depressing.

I know, I’ve been anyway awfully different from my usual over-optimistic-me personality lately. I should just seize the moment when the sun is still shining, and figure out the rest later… Maybe I just let all the stupid things wait at least until September? Ha!